The nationwide fuel savings card for fleets. 

GoFuel fuel savings for truck drivers

Save Money on Fuel

Fuel discounts aren’t just for large fleets anymore. GoFuel makes it possible for owner-operators and smaller fleets to save money and get rewarded.

A Fuel Savings Card for Truck Drivers

GoFuel is improving the lives of America’s drivers – one fuel stop at a time. Saving money and earning rewards has never been easier.

Fuel Savings

Receive savings on each gallon purchased at the pump. Average savings $.25-$.45 off.

Fuel Card

GoFuel is compatible with Comdata, EFS, or Wex fueling cards.


Fuel Cost Analysis

Receive a free fuel cost analysis on your current fuel purchases to maximize savings.

No Cost or Fees to Join

Sign up for GoFuel for free. Applicants subject to a credit approval process. 

GoFuel Locations

GoFuel locations and current discount prices are pre-loaded in the My20 App.

Save More

Save more money by utilizing the GoFuel savings program at over 460 locations.

Analyze Driver Fuel Usage

It’s important that you and your drivers get the best price on fuel every day, and our team is here to make that happen. Analyze your fuel savings with our patent-pending GoFuel audit.

The Konexial GoFuel audit evaluates individual driver fuel usage and potential savings at the pump. Fleet managers and owners are able to see where drivers are fueling and optimize fuel savings for the future.

GoFuel Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more information on how the Konexial GoFuel program works? Here are a few frequently asked questions from fuel savers like you.

Who can apply for the GoFuel fuel savings program?

The GoFuel savings program is perfect for fleets of all sizes purchasing diesel fuel on a regular basis. 

Where does my GoFuel card work?

The GoFuel savings card can be used at any travel stop that accepts EFS cards. You can receive discounts at over 460 major truck stops across the nation. 

Can you purchase DEF and/or oil with the GoFuel card?

Yes, however, there may be little to no savings on the DEF portion of the purchase.

How do I know how much savings I received if it does not show at the pump?

You can download the My20 ELD app to see daily fuel discounts based on your location. 

"The GoFuel savings program has been just what my business needed. We've saved nearly $5k in fuel costs and are ready to save even more in the future."

– Ricky, Black Rock Trucking, LLC