Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

You’ve purchased the My20 ELD hardware and subscription, now what? Let us help you get started quickly! To better understand your ELD system, watch our training videos before you start driving with My20 ELD.

My20 ELD App

My20 ELD is powered by the My20 DriveLiFE mobile app. Download the My20 ELD app for FREE in the Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple App Store for iOS devices.

My20 ELD Hardware

My20 ELD hardware is built with the latest edge-computing technology meaning your data will be safely & securely stored no matter your network connection. 

ELD FAQ: Getting Started

What is an ELD?

The term ELD stands for electronic logging device or e-log. It is a device that connects to your truck’s engine that automatically records your record of duty status (RODS) to ensure compliance with hours of service (HOS) requirements.

What is the ELD Mandate

The ELD mandate is a rule that requires ELD use by commercial drivers who are required to prepare hours-of-service (HOS) records of duty status (RODS). The ELD mandate was officially enacted by the FMCSA on December 18, 2017.

What is an AOBRD?

An AOBRD, or automatic onboarding recording device, is a piece of hardware that connects to your engine to record your hours-of-service (HOS). AOBRDs installed before the ELD mandate deadline of December 18, 2017 were given a two-year extension before they are required to switch to ELDs. AOBRDs can no longer be legally installed.

Should I get a smartphone-based ELD or a dedicated unit ELD?

The two major types of ELDs are smartphone-based (or BYOD) ELDs and dedicated unit ELDs. Dedicated units are ELDs that typically remain in your truck and usually come in the form of a special tablet. Smartphone-based ELDs are just what they sound like — an ELD that is accessed through an app on your smartphone. Smartphone-based ELDs are often cheaper because they require minimal hardware.

Are all ELDs FMCSA-certified?

The short answer is no. A list of registered ELD devices is available here, but please be aware that the ELDs on this list are self-certified by the manufacturer — which doesn’t always mean 100% compliant. It pays to research your ELD options thoroughly to ensure full compliance. 

Konexial’s My20 ELD is 100% FMCSA-approved and DOT-certified.

What are the current hours of service (HOS) regulations?

Hours of service (or HOS) regulations dictate when a driver can and cannot drive. You can find a summary of the current HOS rules here.

Do ELDs help reduce driver harassment?

One of the FMCSA’s main goals when drafting the ELD mandate was to help reduce the widespread issue of driver harassment. Most ELDs include a mute function so that the driver cannot be disturbed while they are resting. While the logs can be edited by both the driver and the carrier, all edits of the logs must be approved by the driver, giving them the final say. In addition, ELDs will keep a record of the original log which will eliminate the carrier’s ability to edit the log without leaving an electronic paper trail. This will protect the driver in the event of harassment.

How do I connect my ELD to the MY20 App?

On the top right of the home screen, My20 will tell you ELD Status. “ELD connected” or “No ELD Connected.” NOTE: If “No ELD connected”, make sure power is on to My20 ELD box (green light on) and tap to scan for your ELD hardware. If the problem persists, check to see if Bluetooth AND Location services on your mobile device are turned on, both are required to connect to the My20 ELD.

ELD FAQ: My20 Mobile App

What devices work with the My20 ELD?

Is the MY20 App always able to see my location?

No. The My20 app only uses your location while in Driving or On Duty mode. This is required for ELD compliance and is not used for any purposes other than to maintain compliance and communicate with the hardware.

How do I see how much driving time I have left?

How do I change my status on the My20 app?

Top left on the home screen (next to ELD Status) is Current Status (there are 4 status settings per FMCSA – “Off Duty”, “Sleeper/Berth”, “Driving”, and “On Duty”).

NOTE: You must be stationary to tap and change status. The My20 ELD hardware will automatically change to “Driving” when it senses your truck going over 5 mph and allow you to switch to “On Duty ” after 5 minutes without motion.

How do I annotate my log if I made a mistake or need to change something?

Choose log you would like to annotate from home screen by tapping on the graph (today) or any of the Last 8 Days listed under the graph. Tap on the entry (status/time period) you would like to change found below the graph and click the right-facing arrow (>). The Annotation screen appears so you can enter your exceptions and notes.

You can choose from FMCSA approved exceptions (“Personal Commercial Vehicle Use” or “Yard Moves”), and indicate the time of the exception along with your notes. For any of these, tap and scroll to choose time or status (“Off Duty”, “Sleeper/Berth”, “Driving”, and “On Duty”). [SAVE] when complete. After annotation, the graph shows the change via a dotted line and an orange entry.

Why does the My20 app log me out every week?

What is the loads tab for?

GoLoad is the load matching engine where you will be directly connected to Shippers. This feature is being released in a future update.

How do I see previous logs?

On the home screen, there will be your current log for the day, as well as the logs for the last 8 days. Tap to view any of the ones on your device.

If you are a My20 tower user, the tower will store up to 30 days worth of logs per user. For all users, the last 6 months of logs are stored on a secure Konexial server. You may request these logs by calling our support number (865) 888-6920 ext. 2 or by sending an email to

How do I sign my logs? Do I have to sign every log?

At the end of the day tap on the graph on the home screen to:

  1. Review log statuses and times are accurate for that day. Annotate if any revisions are needed (see below)
  2. Review Form entries (Vehicle, Trailer Number, Distance, etc.) [SAVE(top right)]
  3. Sign (center of the screen) the log with your finger [SAVE(top right)]

Signing this log verifies that the data is correct and accurate for inspections, and allows you to make an annotation if something is incorrect. It is important to certify your log as soon as possible.

ELD FAQ: My20 ELD Hardware

My phone died. Will the ELD still log my data?

How much of my mobile battery use does the MY20 App use?

The App has a very small effect on the device and uses no more than 1% of battery life.

How do I share my logs with a DOT officer?

Need more help? Contact our support team with your questions.