MY20 LogiCam AI Fleet Dash Cameras

Our fleet dash cameras allow you to gain actionable insights from real-time video and AI. Ensure your fleet safety with video evidence in case of incidents and provide live, data-driven driver coaching.

My20 LogiCam AI Fleet Dash Camera

Best in Class AI Video Telematics with Live Supply Chain™ Capabilities


AI fleet dash cam technology works day or night to detect distracted driving events.


Once a distracted driving event is detected, the My20 LogiCam triggers an “event” to alert the driver – improving safety.


The AI technology plus telematics data pays for itself through the failures that it can prevent.

Save on Insurance by Installing My20 LogiCam AI Fleet Dash Cameras

With these fleet dash cameras, you’ll enhance safety on the road for every truck attached to your fleet. With dash camera transparency, you can provide concrete video evidence in case of accidents or insurance claims. Insurance companies value the added layer of protection with AI dash cams. This can result in reduced premiums and significant cost savings.

Ai Fleet Dashcam

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Konexial logicam dash camera front and back

My20 LogiCam™ AI Dash Camera for Fleet Vehicles

My20 LogiCam AI captures events on the road and in the vehicle with crisp HD video footage. The footage can be accessed anytime through the My20 Fleet application. My20 LogiCam AI works with My20 Fleet’s Edge Computing architecture to ensure the system never goes out of service.  It maintains a constant and reliable connection to the driver.

Safety is a top priority in the trucking industry, and we’ve got you covered with our fleet dash camera solutions. Our innovative driver safety solutions provide real-time in-cab alerts for dangerous driving behaviors. By promoting responsible driving behaviors, you can mitigate risks, reduce accidents, and protect your valuable assets. With our comprehensive video management solution, you can gain valuable insights into driver behavior patterns. This enables fleet admins and owners to take proactive measures to maintain a safe and secure fleet.

My20 LogiCam™ AI Aux

Auxiliary Side Fleet Cameras 

My20 LogiCam auxiliary cameras are cameras connected to the My20 LogiCam dash camera. When connected to the fleet dash camera, the cameras enable live stream video and recording from the portal of additional perspectives during trips. The commercial fleet dash cameras are installed around the vehicle primarily on the side mirrors of the vehicle.

All auxiliary cameras include a 64 GB SD card that stores approximately 100 hours of recordings. When the SD card is full, new recordings overwrite the oldest recordings.

Wi-Fi auxiliary cameras pair to the fleet dash camera through a Wi-Fi mesh network, and do not need to be physically connected to a router. Using Wi-Fi makes installation easier.

My20 LogiCam™ AI Aux

Comprehensive Fleet Protection with My20 LogiCam 

Comprehensive Fleet Protection with My20 LogiCam

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