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Edge Computing Telematics Trucking Solutions

The experience that the entire Konexial team brings to the table has revolutionized the manual and disconnected transactions between shippers and carriers. Technology has the power to connect drivers with real-time information to improve visibility, availability, and communication — all within the driver’s hand, with a device they already owned — their phone.

Learn more about our cutting-edge telematic solutions that can take your commercial fleet management to the next level.

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Integrated Trucking Solutions

Konexial commercial fleet solutions and services are designed for the 21st-century fleet. From the unmatched My20 ELD to cutting-edge trucking solutions for fuel management, load optimization, and more, Konexial is here to help make your fleet safer and more efficient.

Konexial Truck Fleet Solutions

Konexial Products

Konexial products are built on edge computing technology. Every product is designed and created to improve the drive for owner-operators, drivers, fleet managers, and carriers of all sizes. Our products create a vertically integrated transportation platform as a service.

Konexial Services

The Konexial brand of services provides transparent solutions to the trucking industry. Trailer tracking, digital load execution, inventory management, and digital workflow softawre provides continously improving solutions backed by the #1 US-based support team in the industry.

Trucking Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Konexial’s customized telematic solutions are where telecommunications meets commercial fleet management.

Our telematics solutions make it easy to keep a pulse on your large fleet. From collecting data on vehicles and maintenance to fuel consumption and idling time, our integrated trucking solutions help maximize your productivity and compliance.

And the best part? Everyone in your fleet has access to the information they need right from their smartphone. Keep your team connected and compliant with the best mobile trucking solutions.


A Complete Telematics Ecosystem

The manual and disconnected transactions between shippers and carriers put drivers and others on the road at risk. We’ve seen firsthand how technology has the power to connect drivers with real-time information to improve visibility, availability, and communication.

Our comprehensive suite of trucking solutions empowers your team to have a complete telematics ecosystem at their fingertips. Choose the truck fleet solutions your team needs and access them all in one place.

With the right fleet solution by your side, you can help keep the roads safe and enhance the efficiency of your fleet.

Understand Your Fleet

With all the data you need at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to understand how your fleet is performing. Driver behavior can give you insight into where more training is necessary. Fuel consumption data and idling time can help you identify where you can save money. And, of course, speed and harsh acceleration can help you remain compliant.

Optimize your fleet with the best trucking solutions.

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Let us help maximize your productivity and compliance with Konexial products and services. Contact us today for a complete trucking ecosystem customized to fit your needs.

Konexial provides superb technology to the transportation industry through the TPaaS (transportation platform as a service) model featuring fleet management, video, and safety management, asset tracking, fuel savings programs, and more.

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