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Utilizing Konexial’s wide variety of products and services provides organizations with multiple ways to increase profits through everyday tasks such as fueling up and load optimization.

Why Choose Konexial Services?

The experience the entire Konexial team brings to the table revolutionized the manual and disconnected transactions between shippers and carriers. Technology services has the power to connect drivers with real-time information to improve visibility, availability, and communication — all within the driver’s hand, with a device they already owned — their phone.


GoFuel fuel discount card for truck drivers allows fleets of all sizes the opportunity to save money on the most expensive operating cost associated with trucking, diesel fuel. Start saving with GoFuel.


GoLoad, dynamic load matching, is revolutionizing the trucking industry by providing transparent load matching transactions to both shippers and carriers. Powered by the My20 ELD, GoLoad will help increase profits for your fleet.

Cutting Edge Technology Services for Your Fleet

Konexial offers unique services through technology for fleets of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a fuel savings card to lower operational costs or looking for new and transparent load opportunities, GoFuel and GoLoad by Konexial provide services to improve your DRIVE.

GoFuel and GoLoad transportation services are available to the entire trucking industry. You do not have to be a My20 ELD user to take advantage of the Konexial services.

GoFuel Fuel Discount for truck drivers


Average Diesel Savings

GoFuel provides drivers with significant savings on fuel at gas stations and fuel stops across the country.

In 2019, GoFuel users saved an estimated $4,300 per truck per year.

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Konexial provides superb technology to the transportation industry through the TPaaS (transportation platform as a service) model featuring fleet management, video, and safety management, asset tracking, fuel savings programs, and more.

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