Transportation Fleet Management Services

Utilizing Konexial’s wide variety of products and services provides organizations with multiple ways to increase profits through everyday tasks such as fueling up and load optimization.

Why Choose Konexial Transportation Services?

The experience the entire Konexial team brings to the table revolutionized the manual and disconnected transactions between shippers and carriers. Technology services has the power to connect drivers with real-time information to improve visibility, availability, and communication — all within the driver’s hand, with a device they already owned — their phone.

Konexial TPaaS Ecosystem

Our scalable solutions can be tailored to accommodate fleets of any size. This enables  you to grow and adapt in a rapidly changing market. Stay on top of vehicle maintenance, driver behavior with enterprise fleet management solutions. Aided by real-time data from GPS tracking devices, you can optimize supply chains and fleet productivity.


Continuous improvement of Konexial TPaaS improves customer experience and operational efficiencies.


Easily and seamlessly connect your software to our ecosystem partners through Konexial APIs.

Automated Workflows

Ensure operational efficiencies and simplify workflows for drivers and fleet administrators. 

Edge Computing Technology Services for Your Fleet

Konexial provides comprehensive technology solutions that help transportation companies and drivers streamline operations, comply with regulations, improve safety, and increase efficiency across the supply chain and logistics industry.

Konexial hardware products – My20 ELD, LogiCam dash camera, and solar-powered trailer trackers – provide live, granular data in a continuously improving all-in-one web based dashboard.

Key Benefits of Implementing Konexial

    • Real-Time Data
    • Live Visibility of Drivers and Assets
    • One Single System
    • Geointelligence Technology
    • Enhance Fleet Reporting
    • US-Based Customer Support

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Konexial provides superb technology to the transportation industry through the TPaaS (transportation platform as a service) model featuring fleet management, video, and safety management, asset tracking, fuel savings programs, and more.

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