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Konexial’s enterprise fleet management solution combines our edge computing IoT platform with AI-powered applications. Our solution transforms your fleet operations with an all-in-ONE transportation platform as a service.

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Benefits of Enterprise Vehicle Tracking


Konexial brings fleets the industry’s first Transportation Platform as a Service with comprehensive enterprise fleet management solutions.


Fleet Compliance

Superior enterprise fleet telematics with vertical integrations for robust  fleet compliance, optimization, and support.

Driver Safety

Integrated with My20 LogiCam provides best-in-class Ai  video dash cam for enhanced safety programs.


Digital Documents

Optimize and enhance daily workflow with digital documentations and EBOL (electronic bill of lading).

Fuel Economy

Manage your fleet’s fuel economy through Konexial’s all encompassing TPaas solution aided by fleet GPS tracking devices.

Engine Diagnostics

Konexial enterprise fleet management telematics units integrate engine diagnostics and fault codes directly into the Tower admin portal.

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Konexial’s in-cab My20 electronic logging device contains everything fleet managers need to meet FMCSA electronic logging device (ELD) compliance. These fleet GPS tracking devices remove the burden of ensuring compliance while also managing their fleets. My20 ELD combines simple, powerful, and productive features to create an all-in-one tool that streamlines every facet of the drive. 

These GPS fleet tracking devices have the ability to increase your fleet productivity and earning potential. Fleet managers now have the ability to transparently manage their trucks in one easy-to-use enterprise fleet management solution.

The AI Video Management Solution My20 LogiCam

AI Video Management Solution

My20 LogiCam Ai captures events on the road and in the vehicle with crisp HD video footage. Footage can be accessed anytime through the Konexial Fleet dashboard. My20 LogiCam Ai works with My20 Fleet’s Edge Computing architecture to ensure the system never goes out of service. It maintains a constant connection to the driver with our enterprise fleet management app.

Paired with Konexial auxiliary cameras, side and rear view cameras provide fleets full visibility and protection from unnecessary nuclear verdicts.

IoT-Supported Fleet Tracking Device Technology

Multi-factored trailer tracking integrated asset tracking solution provides carriers complete visibility of assets and conditions virtually anywhere while improving asset utilization, driver productivity, and—most importantly—protecting cargo for customers


Konexial’s GoFind offers solar-powered GPS trailer tracking devices for enterprise fleet tracking.

Easy Install

The GoFind trailer tracking unit is easy to install with no wires or cables.

Edge Connectivity

Our trailer tracking utilizes LTE plus optional satellite back-up for continual coverage for enterprise vehicle tracking.

Konexial Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions Brings 5G Technology + Edge Computing to Telematics

Konexial Enterprise Fleet Management Brings 5G + Edge Computing to Telematics

Konexial TPaaS Ecosystem

Our scalable solutions can be tailored to accommodate fleets of any size. This enables  you to grow and adapt in a rapidly changing market. Stay on top of vehicle maintenance, driver behavior with enterprise fleet management solutions. Aided by real-time data from GPS tracking devices, you can optimize supply chains and fleet productivity.


Continuous improvement of Konexial TPaaS improves customer experience and operational efficiencies.


Easily and seamlessly connect your software to our ecosystem partners through Konexial APIs.

Automated Workflows

Ensure operational efficiencies and simplify workflows for drivers and fleet administrators. 

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Our enterprise fleet management solution covers everything from ELD enterprise fleet app basics for drivers to admin fleet management on the My20 Tower dashboard. You’ll understand why Konexial is voted #1 for edge computing technology, enterprise fleet management solutions, and customer support.

Konexial provides superb technology to the transportation industry through the TPaaS (transportation platform as a service) model featuring fleet management, video, and safety management, asset tracking, fuel savings programs, and more.

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