GoMedRx provides telemedicine to the trucking industry.

Telemedicine for Truck Drivers

On a long-haul trip and not able to get to your regular doctor? Home with your sick kids and don’t want to risk catching another virus or illness at the doctor’s office?  

GoMedRx™ is the perfect solution to avoiding the major pain points of going to the doctor’s office. No long wait times, no copays, no unnecessary paperwork, reduce the amount of time away from work, and more. 


GoMedRx™ is a subscription-based telemedicine service offered to truck drivers and fleets. Subscribers have access to telehealth professionals 24/7.

call a doctor

Not feeling well? As a GoMedRx™ subscriber, you will have access to healthcare professionals at any time of day. Avoid going to the doctor with GoMedRx™.

Quick care

GoMedRx™ promises a call back from a telehealth doctor or healthcare professional within 2 hours. However, the current call back average is 20 minutes.  

Get the Care You Need When You Need It

GoMedRx™, powered by Everywhere.care, is bringing telemedicine to the trucking industry. Telemedicine is an easy and convenient way to receive care from board-certified health professionals without visiting a doctor’s office.

With telemedicine, you can…

× Reduce spread of contagious illnesses

× Eliminate doctor office wait times

× Reduce out-of-pocket expenses

× Eliminate unnecessary paperwork

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*GoMedRx is an annual recurring subscription powered by Everywhere.Care

Real GoMedRx Users Say…

Talk about SAVINGS! I saved my $50 insurance copay for going to a walk-in clinic by using GoMedRx instead. GoMedRx has NO copays! 


Time is valuable! I saved a 45-minute drive by not having to drive to the walk-in clinic. With GoMedRx, I didn’t pay a copay and was able to talk to the doctor from my home.


I posted my medical problem on GoMedRx and I was speaking with a doctor within 10 minutes.  The doctor was very thorough. Great experience!


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