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Introducing Next-Generation Trailer Tracking Solutions

IoT-Supported Trailer Tracking Technology

GoFind multi-factored trailer tracking integrated asset trailer tracking solution. It provides carriers complete visibility of assets and conditions virtually anywhere. Our trailer tracking solution improves  asset utilization, driver productivity, and—most importantly—protects cargo for customers.


Konexial’s GoFind offers solar-powered GPS trailer tracking devices. Our trailer tracking system powers through.

Easy Install

The GoFind trailer tracking unit is easy to install with no wires or cables. There’s no complicated setup with our trailer tracking solutions.

Edge Connectivity

Our trailer tracking utilizes LTE plus optional satellite back-up for continual coverage. This provides widespread coverage for tracking trailers.

What is GoFind™?

GoFind™ is a comprehensive trailer tracking service that includes connectivity and a customizable application. Make the most of our trailer GPS trackers with dynamic dashboards, analytics, and reports. You can access this inside ONE user interface—the Konexial My20 Fleet dashboard.

With solar-powered GPS trailer trackers, you can monitor your fleet with a trailer tracking solution that’s reliable. A cargo trailer GPS tracker ensures you can follow your fleet in real-time. This trailer asset tracking helps you monitor trailer utilization.

Data from our trailer tracking solutions allow fleet managers to find the most efficient routes, saving time and fuel costs. Fleet managers can reduce costly detention times by monitoring the duration that trailers spend at specific locations. GPS trailer trackers can help boost productivity for your fleet. Analyzing the gathered GPS trailer tracking data can help identify operational inefficiencies and highlight areas that can be improved upon.

When partnered with the My20 Locking System, My20 Fleet customers can achieve the most robust cargo security available anywhere.

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