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We are everyday people and industry professionals serving the transportation and trucking community.

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Technology to Help Others DriveLiFE

DriveLiFE is our Konexial motto. LiFE stands for Living intentionally for Excellence. The “i” is lowercase because WE are a team focused on serving others- not ourselves.

The My20 ELD app features a curated content LiFE stream providing users with positive and encouraging content based on 5 guiding principals: spiritual, physical, environmental, financial, and social.

Years Established

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Konexial is headquartered in Knoxville, TN

Konexial is based in the USA.

Konexial is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is proud to offer 100% US-based customer support.

Konexial has remote offices in Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas, Texas, Argentina, & Spain.

Driving through one of these areas? Stop on by! We would love to meet you in person.

We’ve Been in Trucking for 100 years

It’s important to know that you can trust and rely on the company you’re doing business with. With over 100 combined years in trucking and transportation, our founding team was established on 3 main principles: humility, integrity, and professionalism.

Konexial is constantly looking for people and companies who share our same values. If you are looking to join a company that is transforming industry standards, contact Konexial today.

Konexial Founding Team

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Konexial Partners with world-class organziations

Konexial Partnerships

We work with a wide range of elite professionals and technology partners to bring the highest quality service, data, and up-to-the-minute information.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other industry professionals who share our focus and vision- THE DRIVER.

Konexial Solutions

My20 ELD provides full compliance per FMCSA guidelines.

ELD Compliance

My20 ELD provides drivers full compliance per FMCSA guidelines with an advanced and reliable edge computing system. Backed by #1 support team in the industry, My20 ELD provides drivers the best ELD.

Konexial provides a full trucking ecosystem in one fleet management solution.

Fleet Management

A good fleet management system is vital to a profitable business. With robust fleet reporting capabilities, My20 Tower dashboard will help streamline fleet management and operational tasks.

Fuel discount cards for truckers to reduce operational costs.

Fuel Savings

Diesel fuel expenses are often the #1 operational cost for many fleets and trucking businesses. Our GoFuel savings card will help save you money at the pump at over 1,000 fuel stops nationwide.

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