Hours of Service for Transporters of Agriculture

Best ELD for Ag Haulers


Geofence technology provides an automatic 150 air-mile radius to calculate Ag HOS clocks.


With Ag activated, My20 ELD app will notifiy drivers as they enter and exit Ag boundaries.


Proof of Ag status will be stored via the Tower for easy access if/when audited. 

Fleet Management System Designed for Ag Haulers

My20 ELD automatically handles your 150 air-mile radius and the complex FMCSA Ag rules for you by providing a visual tool for easy daily operations and peace of mind for inspections and audits.

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My20 ELD featured on Bulk Loads Podcast 

My20 ELD is an ELD made with special geo-intelligent functionality for agriculture haulers. Jared, Ken, and Kristin discuss the My20 products and services and how the My20 ELD can improve Ag haulers operational efficiencies.

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Agriculture Industry Allied Partners

Konexial is proud to support agriculture industry associations and the transportation fleets supplying agriculture commodities across the country. Are you a member of one of these associations? Contact us today for special discount pricing for your fleet.

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International Milk Haulers
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Full Fleet Management Support 

With the My20 ELD in-cab unit connected to your iOS or Android device, fleets have access to HOS logs, pre and post-trip DVIR, Unidentified Driving Records, HOS clock timers with countdowns to next breaks and violation alerts, short-haul, agricultural, yard moves, personal conveyance, oil-field exemption statuses, truck-specific routing, live chat with 2-way communication and more.

My20 TOWER dashboard features live supply chain™ visibility on drivers and asset units. The TOWER dashboard provides a full fleet management platform with real-time GPS tracking, HOS and logs management, in-depth driver behavior, HOS violations, DVIR defects, unidentified driving records, fuel receipt capture with automatic IFTA calculations reporting. 

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Konexial provides superb technology to the transportation industry through the TPaaS (transportation platform as a service) model featuring fleet management, video, and safety management, asset tracking, fuel savings programs, and more.

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