Fuel is one of the most expensive operating costs for fleets of all sizes. Owner-operators and fleet managers are saving hundreds of dollars a month using the GoFuel discount program. It’s easy to sign up and easy to save money. Complete the contact form below and one of our GoFuel representatives will help you start saving money.

What Fleets Say About GoFuel

The GoFuel savings program helped my fleet save money on necessary operational costs. We saved enough money to add on an extra driver and are on track to save enough to purchase a new truck! 

Not only have we saved money using the GoFuel program, our drivers are more aware of where to fuel and the savings available on their routes with the My20 GoFuel mapping feature. 

We thought we were saving money with another discount, but Konexial ran a report and showed our drivers were leaving money on the table. We switched to GoFuel, now we are saving more than we can imagine!

Konexial provides superb technology to the transportation industry through the TPaaS (transportation platform as a service) model featuring fleet management, video, and safety management, asset tracking, fuel savings programs, and more.

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