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ELD Mandate & Rental Vehicles  

With less than a month until the final April 1st deadline, it’s time to really start thinking about ELD mandate compliance. After April 1, 2018, drivers without an ELD properly installed and documented in their commercial vehicle will be placed out of commission. Drivers without ELDs will also receive points against their CSA (compliance, safety, accountability) score and be unable to drive legally. With the final ELD deadline quickly approaching, it’s important to understand all the moving parts that go along with it, including compliance with a rental vehicle.

ELD Compliance and Rental Commercial Vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers ELD mandate exemptions to drivers operating in a rented commercial vehicle for 8 days or less. This exemption means that motor carriers renting a vehicle for 8 days or less are not required to use an ELD in their vehicle, regardless of reason; however, some specific documentation is necessary to obtain the exemption. If you’re renting a vehicle for commercial purposes, you are required to have the following materials in your vehicle to obtain exemption from the ELD mandate:

  • A copy of the federal register notice (FRN) 82 FR 47306 Hours of Service of Drivers: application for exemption, truck renting and leasing association (TRALA), or equivalent signed FMCSA exemption document
  • A copy of the rental agreement between both parties with the following vehicle and rental period clearly identified
  • A copy of the driver’s records of duty status (RODS) for the current day and the previous 7 days, if required on those days

For more information on rental vehicles, the ELD mandate, and exemptions, read this article published on the FMCSA website.

ELD Compliance With My20 ELD by Konexial

If you are holding out until the April 1st deadline to install your ELD, you’re just a few weeks away from being placed out of commission. My20 ELD from Konexial is a perfect fit for fleets of any size, whether you’re an independent owner/operator or driving as part of a fleet. Not only will you be driving in complete compliance, My20 goes above and beyond with many other powerful features. From real-time load matching to My20 Rewards, Konexial’s telematics technology works hard so you don’t have to. Cut down on empty drives and drive legally with My20 ELD today. For more information on how Konexial works for you, contact us today.