Crossing U.S. Borders: ELD Mandate Compliance For Mexican & Canadian Drivers 

As of December 18, 2017, drivers can be stopped and cited or fined for not having an operational electronic device in their commercial vehicle. On April 1, 2018, vehicles without e-logs to record hours of service will be placed out of service and drivers will receive points against them on their CSA score. Obviously, the ELD mandate is effective across the United States for American drivers, but what about drivers from Mexico or Canada operating in the US?

International Drivers Operating in the United States

If you are a driver from Mexico or Canada and cross into the United States, drivers who return to their home base before the end of the day can obtain ELD waivers for exemption; however, that’s pretty unrealistic for most drivers operating across borders. The majority of drivers will be unable to drive from their home base, into the US, and back every day while operating efficiently.

Canadian or Mexican commercial truck drivers that cross US borders will largely be just as responsible for complying as American drivers. So, if you’re from Mexico or Canada and driving commercially within the US, you need an ELD to avoid fines and citations. After April 1st, if you haven’t installed an ELD, you will be unable to drive commercially within the United States.

Comply With US ELD Mandate to Get Ahead

While complying with the United States’ ELD mandate might seem like a huge pain, Mexico and Canada are both making strides towards transitioning to electronic logging devices as well. Transport Canada recently announced Canada’s own ELD mandate, on track for full implementation by 2020. Mexico just announced the nation’s first hours of service regulations and plan to work towards ELD implementation, but the country-wide transition will prove a more difficult step.

My20 ELD and My20 Tower From Konexial

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