ELD Compliance at 97% after deadline

ELD Compliance after April 1 Deadline

As of the April 1, 2018 ELD Mandate deadline, drivers without an electronic logging device (ELD) installed in their commercial vehicle to track hours of service (HOS) will be placed out of commission. In addition to being unable to legally drive, those caught without an ELD will receive hits to their Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score and could possibly find themselves with monetary fines.

97% of Drivers Using ELDs

According to a recent survey, in the week leading up to the April 1 deadline, ELD compliance spiked to 97%. Before the out-of-service enforcement date, smaller fleets, regional operators, and dry bulk haulers were the most behind when it came to ELD mandate compliance. With 97% of commercial drivers on the road in compliance, American drivers are well on their way to completely transitioning to the ELD system.

My20 ELD and My20 Tower

If you haven’t installed an ELD in your vehicle, you’re running a huge risk of being placed out of service. If you’re placed out of service, you can’t drive, which means you can’t make money. Luckily, Konexial offers incredibly affordable, incredibly easy to use My20 ELD and My20 Tower. Ideal for small fleets or independent owner/operators, My20 ELD is simple but powerful. From log auditing to My20 Rewards, My20 has everything you need to make the most money when you hit the road. If you’re a part of a larger fleet, My20 Tower is designed to make fleet managers’ jobs easy while keeping their fleet in compliance.

Telematics Technology From Konexial

Konexial has a wide range of telematics technology designed to streamline every aspect of your drive. From real time fuel information that helps save you money at the pump to dynamic load matching software to cut down on your empty miles, Konexial works harder so you don’t have to. If you have questions about our software or the ELD mandate, contact us today or read our blog to learn more.