What You Should Expect After the ELD Mandate


Truckers all across the country have been preparing for the Department of Transportation’s electronic logging device mandate that will go into effect on December 18th. The mandate will require all truckers to use an approved electronic logging device (ELD) for records of duty status (RODS) and hours of service (HoS). This move from paper logs to electronic logs is set to have a positive impact on the trucking industry in the coming years. So what can drivers expect to see starting in 2018 and beyond?

First off, it should be noted that drivers do not have to wait until December to become compliant. Drivers can voluntarily begin using approved ELDs today, and can be some of the first to experience the many benefits of using an ELD. Unfortunately, many drivers are hesitant to comply early, and are hoping for the mandate to be overturned. But that looks impossible at this point, as the House of Representatives recently denied a proposal from Texas Rep. Brian Babin to delay the mandate. And according to Truckingtopics.com, “…efforts to delay the ELD mandate on Capitol Hill appear to have died.”


Despite having to pay for the device itself, the FMCSA projects $1.6 BILLION in savings for truckers by simply not having to waste time with paper logs. Drivers will also save in many other ways. Drivers using the My20 ELD will save on fuel costs with GoFuel, which offers fuel discounts to users. Drivers who use the My20 ELD will also get to experience tremendous savings due to eliminating wasted miles with the groundbreaking real-time load matching engine, GoLoad.

Another benefit that drivers will experience moving from paper logs to electronic logs is increased safety. The ELD mandate is being implemented, in large part, to increase safety and reduce accidents caused by fatigue. By reducing the number of hours that a driver can work in a single day, the Department of Transportation and FMCSA aim to not only lower the number of fatalities caused by fatigue, but also the number of repair-based expenses incurred in non-fatal accidents.

Whether you decide to comply today, or wait until the compliance deadline in December, you will get to experience the time, money, and safety benefits of being compliant. The trucking industry will be more efficient and far safer once all 3 million U.S. drivers are using approved logging devices. So don’t wait, check out the My20 ELD by Konexial and get complaint today.