Dos and Don'ts of Roadside -

The do’s and don’ts of an internal fleet audit 

Top Tips to Keep Your Fleet Compliant

Don’t panic. But it is very likely your fleet will be stopped for a roadside inspection and/or internal audit at some point during the lifetime of your fleet operation. While an audit is bound to happen, it’s imperative that your fleet and administrative staff are prepared for an inspection or audit at the drop of a hat. To keep your fleet operating smoothly with no issues, here are the top do’s and don’ts of a fleet audit. 

DO Hire trustworthy and professional employees 

Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust but verify.” When hiring drivers and back office staff for your fleet the most important personality qualifications to look for should be trustworthiness and professionalism. Your fleet is your business and no one is going to care more about your business than you do. However, when you hire the trustworthy people who believe in doing the right thing, you’ll be more successful and won’t have to worry about employees breaking compliance laws.

DON’T Provide more information than requested 

Do you ramble or talk excessively when you are nervous? Excessive talking when nervous happens to a lot of people. Being audited can cause stress especially, if your fleet is not organized or well-prepared. Fleet management systems and in-cab technology such as ELD and dash cams collect a lot of data and information. The auditing officer will have a specific list of information he/she is looking for and it is imperative that you provide only the information requested. 

DO Be organized

Not only should your driver’s daily logs be organized, as a business owner, you should always keep record of important employee documents. During an audit the auditing officer has the authority to ask for load history, bill of lading information, driver training documentation, employee performance documentations, and more. Keeping employee files with all necessary and important documents is a good practice in the event of an audit or employee performance issue. 

DON’T Give out logins and passwords

This rule goes for technology in general. Never share your login information or passwords with the auditing officer. If you are in a roadside inspection your ELD should have an “inspection mode” which will lock your mobile phone or tablet. Inspection mode protects your privacy while allowing the auditing officer to view the information needed. 

DO Choose the right partners 

Choosing a fleet management company that cares about your fleet and ensures maximum compliance will be there for you when things get tough. From additional training to something as serious as a fleet inspection or audit, My20’s US-based support team is dedicated to helping fleets be successful on a daily basis. 

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