Top 3 Podcast Streaming Apps


When the radio starts playing the same songs over and over, and your music library starts feeling sparse, podcast streaming apps are a great alternative. Not only are they free, but podcasts also cover any and every topic you could think of.

Podcast streaming apps allow you to download your podcasts in advance, making playback without Wi-Fi or data a breeze. Podcasts are a great form of informative entertainment, but finding the right app for you means shopping through the hundreds of options in the App Store. We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best podcast apps and compiled our favorites for you all in one place.

Best Podcast Streaming Apps

Apple Podcasts   – Free

Apple’s Podcasts app allows you to discover hundreds of free podcasts spanning all topics and subscribe to automatic downloads of new episodes. Since the app is native to the iOS system, it’s fully compatible with Siri, which allows for hands-free control on the road.

Overcast   – Free

Simple and easy-to-use, Overcast is a free app that offers ad-free listening with a yearly subscription. One awesome feature of this app is Smart Speed – an element that cuts out long silences to guarantee continuous listening. It also includes Voice Boost, which enhances poor quality audio and is useful for noisy cabs.

Pocket Casts   – $3.99

Pocket Casts is a user-friendly, feature-rich app that strives to keep things simple. This app makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without sacrificing on additional specs. It allows you to sync your podcasts with the cloud and pick up where you left off no matter which device you’re using or where you are on the map.

Whether you’re interested in the news, last night’s sports highlights, or just something lighthearted and funny to give your brain a break, podcast streaming apps are the perfect solution to break up your usual routine. Don’t chance listening to repetitive commercials on the radio or wearing out all your favorite songs – download podcasts and stay up to date on all of today’s current events while on the road.

Drivers, what’s your favorite podcast to listen to on the road?