DriveLiFE™ App for My20 ELD

DriveLiFE™ from Konexial is the best trucking app for drivers designed to help improve both the professional and personal lives of truck drivers.

The My20 ELD is developed with next-generation Edge Computing telematics technology to automatically log a driver’s location, hours-of-service and available capacity to fulfill FMCSA compliance rules.

All the driver data is logged and analyzed within the cab of the truck. Meaning the ELD won’t go ‘out-of-service’ when a wireless connection isn’t available. My20 is protected against data loss and interruption due to network availability and even against cloud-based server downtime. The My20 ELD data is always available, keeping drivers compliant at all times. My20 DriveLiFE™ also includes an upgrade to the Drive functions which includes — mapping, routing, points of interest and reviews:

  • Enhanced Drive Function: Point-of-Interest (POI) and proprietary ratings for Fuel, Parking, Weigh Stations, Rest Areas, Restaurants, and Truck Dealerships

  • Truck-specific Turn-by-Turn Directions: Providing drivers with details on tight turns and high-traffic areas in advance of load pick-up/drop-off

  • Proprietary Dock411™ Dock Information: Loading Dock details including wait times, weight limits, parking situations and load/unload procedures

LiFE–Curated Content Stream™

You’ll find within the My20 ELD DriveLiFE app, the LiFE—Curated Content Stream™. The LiFE content stream is designed to serve drivers with curated content for self-improvement in five specific areas: spiritual, financial, social, physical, and environment. Daily content includes curated articles and podcasts from leading Christian ministries and organizations, including daily devotionals from Boyd Bailey and Wisdom Hunters as well as financial advice from luminaries including Dave Ramsey.

LiFE—Curated Content Stream™ was developed to entertain, inspire and comfort drivers while out on long runs away from their families.

This new My20 DriveLiFE™ mobile app version is free and currently available in the Apple App Store and will be available in the Google Play Store by 12/31/2019.

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