4 reasons truck drivers need telemedicine
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4 Reasons Truck Drivers Need Telemedicine 

Not familiar with telemedicine? Don’t believe that it can benefit you or your family? Don’t have health insurance, and not sure you can afford it? Let’s debunk these common misconceptions around telemedicine and list the 4 reasons why truck drivers need telemedicine now more than ever. 

Telemedicine, sometimes referred to as telehealth, is the practice of caring for patients remotely when the patient and/or doctor are not physically in the same place. As with every industry, modern technology has given doctors and nurses the ability to care for patients with HIPAA compliant online portals and video conferencing tools. With the recent covid-19 worldwide pandemic, telemedicine is now seen as essential for non-emergent health and behavioral care. 

So, how does telemedicine relate to the trucking industry? 

Over the road truck drivers have tight schedules and are obviously traveling a lot. Being away from home and on the road for the majority of their time can make it difficult for a driver to get the care they need. Several studies show truck drivers have a higher risk for certain illnesses, injuries, and health problems. Smoking, sitting for long periods of time, unhealthy eating habits, working long hours, and lack of sleep lead truck drivers to a greater risk of illness and diseases. 

Although telemedicine is not the solution for chronic health problems, it can help identify common health conditions and refer you to a specialst. For common, non-chronic health problems like cold & flu, respiratory infections, urinary infections, rashes, poison ivy, and bronchitis, telemedicine is the perfect solution for busy truck drivers because you can speak with a physician or licensed health therapist at any time and anywhere in the United States. 

4 Reasons You Need Telemedicine 

1. Telemedicine protects you from unnecessary exposure to harmful and contagious germs.

The technology of telemedicine allows the patient to receive 100% of the care and advice needed over the phone or through HIPAA compliant teleconference systems eliminating the need to visit an actual office location. This limits your risk and exposure to other contagious patients and germs. With the covid-19 worldwide pandemic, it is more important than ever to utilize technology to keep you and your family healthy. 

2. Telemedicine is convenient. Speak to a doctor at any time of day from anywhere in the country. 

Convenience is a huge benefit with telemedicine. We all have experienced long wait times and wasted time waiting to be seen by a nurse or a doctor. Now, with GoMedRx telemedicine, you can talk to a doctor on YOUR time. Whenever you are ready or need to speak with a doctor or licensed therapist, all you have to do is call the GoMedRx telemedicine phone line or log into the Everywhere.care app and schedule a consultation. The wait time window is 2 hours, however, the average call back time with GoMedRx is 19 minutes. It doesn’t matter where you are on the road, a doctor will be available to speak with you within 2 hours. 

3. Telemedicine is affordable. Get GoMedRx at low cost for 1 member and up to 7 family members.

Healthcare is expensive. And getting sick or diagnosed with a chronic illness can be detrimental to a truck driver. GoMedRx, is not health insurance, but it does provide health care and advice at an affordable price. Right now, you can get a GoMedRx telemedicine plan for you and up to 7 family members for just $15/month. That is an annual cost of $180. In comparison to private health insurance policies, this is a huge cost savings that can benefit drivers and their family members all across the nation. Not only is the monthly subscription affordable, there are no copays or deductibles. 

4. GoMedRx telemedicine includes behavioral health support care.

A person’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. The stressful and extreme working conditions a truck driver experiences can often lead to mental health problems, primarily depression and anxiety. It is important to find a telemedicine provider that includes behavioral support at no additional cost. GoMedRx includes behavioral health support to care for the most common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, substance abuse, relationship issues, and more.

Whether you have health insurance or not, telemedicine is a great solution and resource to staying healthy on the road. Truck drivers are driving our economy by keeping supplies and products shelves stocked. It is extremely important we do everything we can to keep these men and women healthy during the pandemic and after. GoMedRx and the team at Konexial is working hard to make sure the tools and resources for a healthy lifestyle and healthy business are available to drivers year around. For more information about Konexial and GoMedRx telemedicine for truck drivers, click here. 


*Konexial does not provide health advice. GoMedRx is powered by Everywhere.care. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.