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Required ELD Documentation: Onboard ELD Packet 

No one likes seeing flashing blue and red lights in their rearview mirror — getting pulled over while driving is never fun. However, the situation can be made worse if you are caught without all of your necessary ELD documents. Some are obvious, like license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance, but the new ELD mandate requires a few documents you might not think to keep with you at all times. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial truck drivers are required to keep an ELD information packet onboard, at all times, containing four main documents.

Your ELD information packet should first contain an ELD user’s manual explaining how the vehicle’s ELD operates. Should there be a change in driver for any reason, that driver is still required to drive in compliance with the ELD mandate. Understanding how the vehicle’s ELD works plays a huge role in ensuring anyone driving your vehicle is driving legally.

Next, the FMCSA requires you to include an instruction sheet that explains your ELD’s malfunction reporting requirements and recordkeeping procedures during ELD malfunctions. While technology is incredible and can do some amazing things, like anything else, it’s not always perfect. ELDs are bound to have an occasional glitch; however, most are equipped with the ability to correct any recorded errors. Including an instruction sheet detailing how to correct any errors is essential to making sure only accurate, correct data is reported to safety officials.

You must also include an instruction sheet detailing the data transfer mechanisms supported by the ELD and step-by-step instructions to produce and transfer the driver’s hours of service (HOS) records to an authorized safety official. Including a data transfer instruction sheet in your ELD information packet relates back to ensuring anyone driving your vehicle understands how to properly operate your ELD. If a driver is unable to operate the ELD, he or she is driving out of compliance with the ELD mandate — which means he or she is driving illegally.

Finally, your ELD information packet should include 8 days worth of blank driver’s records of duty status (RODS) graph-grids. In case of an emergency, ELD malfunction, or any other unforeseen problem, it’s important to keep back-up graph-grids on hand so you can record RODS and other related information.

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