Questions to Ask When Choosing An ELD


The deadline for ELD mandate compliance is less than seven months away – which means it is time to start thinking about which device you are going to use, if you haven’t already. The process of adopting an ELD system can seem overwhelming in itself, but when you consider all the different types and providers of ELDs, it can become even more confusing. Whether you are just beginning the search for the right ELD, or you feel in over your head with all the different options in front of you, taking a step back and thinking about what you really want in an ELD can help. Here are three questions to ask when choosing the right ELD for you:



1. What is your budget?

There’s one thing in particular that many drivers (and anyone in the trucking industry, for that matter) are concerned about with the adoption of the ELD mandate is the price. And if you are budget-conscious, you may be frustrated with some of the prices you have been seeing for ELDs currently on the market. But here’s the thing – quality ELDs don’t have to be expensive.

Each ELD provider has its own pricing plan, so you’ll need to think about what is right for you. How much do you want to pay initially? Per month? Konexial’s My20 App has a simple pricing plan – no initial cost and a monthly cost of as low as $10 per month. Click here to learn more about pricing for the My20 App.

2. Do you want a dedicated unit or a BYOD ELD?

ELDs can essentially be segmented into two types – dedicated units and BYOD, or “bring your own device” ELDs. Put in simplest terms, a dedicated unit is an electronic logging system that remains in the truck. They are simple and efficient, but are often older systems that lack extra features beyond logging.

On the other hand, BYOD ELDs allow drivers and fleets to bring their own devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, to log their hours. However, the device itself will not log the hours for you – you’ll need to download an ELD app to get the job done. With a BYOD ELD, drivers can carry their electronic logging device wherever they go, as well as enjoy benefits and added features that many dedicated unit ELDs do not offer.

For more information on the differences of dedicated unit and BYOD ELDs, read our blog post all about them.

3. What added features are important to you?

Sure, ELDs are mainly for logging hours of service, but they can offer users so much more than that. Many ELDs offer the same basic features, but as far as more advanced features go, each ELD provider has its own unique combination of premium features. This is where you get the chance to really customize your ELD experience. Which features can you live without, and which ones are important for you to have. Do you need fuel monitoring? What about load matching, GPS tracking and mapping, and even rewards? To see what features the My20 App offers, visit our features page.

Selecting the Right ELD
Choosing which electronic logging device to use for your next several years on the road is an important decision. As with all important decisions you make, you’ll want to do your homework. With the many ELD options on the market today, make sure you don’t settle for anything less than the best that checks off every qualification on your checklist – and asking yourself these three questions is a great way to start. If you have any questions about ELDs, choosing the right one, the ELD Mandate, or the My20 ELD in particular, contact us. We’d be happy to help clear up the confusion for you!