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Most Affordable ELD Hardware on the Market!

The My20 ELD hardware is built with edge computing technology to provide reliable compliance for your fleet. You must purchase the My20 ELD subscription-based service to use the My20 ELD tracker. This world-class ELD telematics device is a 9 pin J1939 device that plugs directly into the ECM diagnostics port on the majority of trucks. For orders over 15 please contact My20 Sales.

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  • MOST AFFORDABLE ELD HARDWARE on the market. No additional ELD hardware is needed, just your Apple or Android smartphone and the free My20 ELD app.
  • EASY-TO-USE - Install the My20 ELD tracking device in your diagnostic port, download the FREE My20 app & link your smartphone to the app via Bluetooth. The FREE My20 Mobile App is available in English and Spanish. Download today (Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL - The My20 ELD plug-in is a tracking system has a standard 9-pin (J1939) ECM connector. If you have an OBD-II or 6-PIN ECM port, click the link to add the appropriate adapter cable to your order.
  • 100% FMCSA approved ELD tracking device.

To use the My20 ELD hardware, it’s necessary to purchase the My20 ELD subscription. This plug-and-play ELD telematics device is a 9 pin J1939 device designed to plug directly into the ECM diagnostics port on most trucks.

NOTE: My20 ELD auto-renew subscription purchase is required for use. Please review the My20 ELD phone & tablet recommendations before purchasing this system.

Konexial Return Policy: Exchange for the My20 ELD is available for a replacement unit up to 1 year (365 calendar days) after purchase for customers with an ACTIVE subscription. Konexial will offer a refund up to 30 days (calendar days) after the purchase of an ELD tracker with a $50 re-stock charge.

Konexial Shipping: We offer standard (5-7 business days) and expedited (2-4 business days) shipping. For other shipping options, please contact our team at 865-888-6920 ext 4

Apple/iOS Operating System:

  • Minimum requirements: iOS 14 or higher
  • Recommended: iOS 17 or higher

iOS Phone:

  • Minimum requirements: iPhone 7 or higher
  • Recommended: iPhone 11 or higher

iOS Tablet:

  • Minimum requirements: iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2
  • Recommended: Any iPad released over the past 4 years.

Android Operating System:

  • Minimum requirements: Android 8 or higher.
  • Recommended: Android 12 or higher

Android Phone:

  • Recommended: Google Pixel 8 or higher
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 or higher

Android Tablet:

  • Recommended: Samsung Tab S8 or higher

We do NOT recommend Samsung Note 8 because of documented problems that Samsung has not corrected on Bluetooth connectivity for this device. For the best quality experience, Konexial recommends iOS devices over ANDROID. Click here to determine which iPhone & iPad models are supported in each version of the iOS operating system.

Click here to determine which iPhone & iPad models will be supported in iOS 17.

ELD GPS tracking devices ensure compliance with hours of service (HoS) regulations. By automatically recording driving time, the My20 ELD hardware makes it simple for fleets to abide by legal limits and prevent any penalties. ELD hardware keeps track of driver behavior. Fleet managers can analyze valuable insights to reduce accidents and implement higher safety standards.

The My20 ELD tracking system removes the need for manual logbooks, which saves you valuable time and reduces the chance of errors. You can manage schedules and optimize operations for maximum efficiency. By using the My20 ELD trackers, you can manage idling times and optimize routes. The result is reduced fuel consumption and significant cost savings for you.

ELD hardware can be integrated with a vehicle's diagnostics system, providing real-time alerts for vehicle maintenance issues. The My20 ELD telematics system helps in proactive maintenance, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and extending the life of the vehicle. Our My20 ELD hardware ensures precise and easily accessible documentation of travel and rest times, making it easier to conduct audits and generate reports as needed.

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Weight 3 oz


My20 TOWER Subscription

TOWER includes ELD Compliance, Status Exceptions (AG, Short-haul, Oil-field, more) DVIR Management, IFTA Reporting, Fleet Management Dashboard, and more.

My20 FLEET Subscription

FLEET includes everything in TOWER plus Driver Behavior Reporting, Fuel Management Reporting, Engine Diagnostics, and Document Workflow.