My20 ELD Compliance Option Right for You

At Konexial, we acknowledge that ELDs are not one-size-fits-all. The fleet owner has different needs than the owner/operator, so why should we treat them the same? That’s why we’ve developed two different options for ELD mandate compliance: My20 ELD and My20 Tower.

What’s the difference between My20 ELD and My20 Tower?

To put it in simplest terms, the My20 ELD is ideal for independent drivers, while My20 Tower is ideal for fleets. With My20 ELD, you get all the features you’d need as an owner/operator: HOS logging, log auditing, GPS tracking, route mapping, messaging, real-time Dynamic Load Matching (DLM) through GoLoad, and much more.

My20 Tower offers all that and more, with additional features geared toward fleets of any size. Designed with the best hardware and software available, My20 Tower’s advanced ELD features use a mobile cloud ecosystem to help fleet managers meet and exceed expectations surrounding the ELD mandate. With extra features like dispatching to mobile capabilities, two-way communication and document flow, fleet reporting, and IFTA fuel tax reporting, My20 Tower is a robust compliance option designed with fleets in mind.

Should you have any further questions about My20 ELD, My20 Tower, or which one is the best option for you, we’d love to chat with you. If you’re ready to get started with one of our powerful ELD products, you can purchase your subscriptions here.