last minute ELD buyers guide

Last Minute ELD Buyer’s Guide: 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing ELD

December 18, 2017 marked the beginning ELD mandate. On this date, all nonexempt drivers were required to install an FMCSA-compliant ELD in their truck; however, the FMCSA granted drivers a “soft enforcement” period to help ease the transition from paper to electronic logs. Drivers running without e-logs will be cited for failure to comply with the ELD mandate. And now, the final ELD mandate deadline of AOBRD to ELD conversion will take place December 16, 2019. This ELD buyers guide will provide you with 5 things to consider before transitioning from AOBRD to ELD. 

Confirm that the ELD is FMCSA-compliant.

First, you’ll want to confirm that the ELD is on the FMCSA’s list of registered ELD devices. However, be aware that the ELDs on this list are self-certified by the manufacturer — which doesn’t always mean 100% compliant. It pays to research your ELD options thoroughly to ensure full compliance.


Added features on ELDs are great and all, but you first need to make sure your ELD will do what it’s supposed to — log your hours of service, upload RODS directly to FMCSA, etc. When you’re shopping for an ELD, make sure the device can demonstrate all the features on the FMCSA ELD checklist.

Think about your budget.

Some ELDs, like dedicated units, may require added hardware in order for the ELD to function properly. These devices stay in your truck at all times, but the costs can really add up if you are required to purchase a tablet.

Smartphone-based, or “BYOD ELDs”, function as an app on your smartphone that is connected to a small piece of hardware in your truck via bluetooth. It’s simple, portable, and since it’s on your smartphone, these ELDs often require no extra costs beyond a monthly subscription. You can get your hands on one of these for as low as $20 a month.

Make sure the ELD is easy to use.

Some people believe using paper logs was very simple. If you’ve been running on paper logs for the entirety of your driving career, switching to ELDs can be, at best, a hassle, and at worst, intimidating. ELDs do come with somewhat of a learning curve, but a good compliance option backed by excellent customer support should be easy to get used to.

When looking for your ELD, make ease-of-use and intuitiveness a priority. If you’re looking into smartphone-based ELDs, see if you can download the app before making a purchase. This way, you can take a look at how the app works to ensure it would be a good fit. Some ELD vendors may offer a free eld trial, so you can get a good feel for what driving with that ELD would really be like.

Check out the manufacturer’s customer service options.

Dealing with customer service can be a nightmare at times, and if you’re having issues with your ELD, it’s vital to get them fixed as soon as possible. That’s why you need to make sure your ELD vendor offers solid customer support. Truckers don’t work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, so why should their ELD’s customer service department only be open within those hours? Choose a company that really values its customers and is willing to work to resolve your issues ASAP.

Choose an ELD with fast shipping.

Let’s face it — we’re down to the wire here with ELD mandate compliance. You don’t want to be caught without an ELD after full enforcement deadlines, and we don’t want you too, either. Some ELD vendors, like the My20 ELD by Konexial, offer fast shipping options to get your ELD in your hands — fast.

Get Compliant

Getting the right ELD by the ELD mandate deadline is possible. If you haven’t checked out the My20 ELD, it’s a good place to start. My20 ELD checks all the boxes on ELD compliance and more — it’s fully compliant, budget-friendly, and simple to use. Customer support is a big priority for us — that’s why we offer 24/6 technical support, right here in the USA. 

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