GoMedRx Telemedicine Service to Help Drivers Get Medical Advice When Out on the Road

Drivers will receive 30 days of free service after subscribing to telemedicine service

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Konexial announced GoMedRx, a new telemedicine service designed to help its trucking ecosystem of My20 customers receive immediate access to medical advice. GoMedRx is the result of Konexial’s partnership with Everywhere.Care, one of the leading providers of telemedicine services.

GoMedRx is an open platform service and available to all drivers no matter what ELD provider they use. All drivers that subscribe to GoMedRx in the next 6 months will receive 30 days of free service.

“We know how hard—and often impossible—it can be for truck drivers to stop and get the care and/or advice for medical issues both large and small,” said Ken Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Konexial. “With the COVID-19 pandemic (a.k.a. Coronavirus) at the top of everyone’s mind for the foreseeable future, GoMedRx will help drivers determine their symptoms quickly, and get the care they need not only for themselves but for their families.”

“Everywhere.care is very excited for this opportunity to work with Konexial. Our companies strongly believe that everyone deserves the best healthcare possible,” said Donn Beam, Chief Executive Officer, Everywhere.care. “This strategic partnership will result in the ability to offer medical and behavioral care; accessible 24/7/365. Telemedicine has never been a greater necessity than it is today.”

Drivers can use GoMedRx immediately after signing up, and on average can speak to a telehealth physician in 23 minutes. Health insurance is not required to join and use GoMedRx, and there are no bills beyond the subscription for using the service.

“GoMedRx also covers mental health services and counseling,” continued Evans. “With isolation and depression being real issues in the trucking industry, GoMedRx makes it easy to talk to a counselor when needed, wherever they might be.”

GoMedRx is the latest addition to the Konexial family of services, designed and developed to help drivers and carriers that have become marginalized as trucking companies have consolidated, operational costs continue to escalate, and profit margins have thinned.

For more information, please visit www.konexial.com.