FMCSA ELD Implementation Presentations


The FMCSA has launched an ELD Implementation National Tour, which is a public education and outreach effort geared towards helping commercial motor vehicle drivers transition to using electronic logging devices (ELDs).

At the National Tour events, FMCSA experts will discuss what drivers need to do to ensure compliance with the impending ELD mandate, set for December 18, 2017. Participants will have the opportunity, at select events, to attend a presentation on ELD implementation, as well as ask specific questions to the experts at FMCSA’s interactive exhibit booth. Those that visit the booth will have access to consumer-friendly resources and materials on how to transition to using electronic logging devices.

Coming-up Events, dates, and locations:

For more information about FMCSA’s ELD Implementation Tour, and to register for updates, visit this page.

Click here to register for updates and alerts on the ELD Rule from FMCSA.

Additionally, the FMCSA is offering two Hours of Service webinars and Q&A sessions this month with Tom Yager, Chief of the Driver and Carrier Operations Division, and Peter Chandler, Lead Transportation Specialist in the FMCSA Passenger Carrier Division. To ensure questions are answered, Participants are encouraged to email their HOS-related questions ahead of the live webinar events.

To register for the first live event, taking place October 19th at 11am EST, visit this page. To register for the second session on October 24th at 3 pm EST, you go here.

Visit our blog for more tips and tricks on implementing ELD into your fleet successfully.

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