The ELD Mandate and Driver Harassment


As the ELD compliance deadline approaches, many questions have been asked about the issue of driver harassment. The ELD mandate states that all truck drivers must implement electronic logging devices (ELDs) by December 2017. The ELDs will be used to track driver’s record of duty status (RODS), and replace the commonly used paper logs which many drivers use to record their hours of service (HOS). One of the main issues that ELDs will look to solve is driver safety by reducing fatigue-related crashes caused by working extremely long shifts. By making HOS’s and RODS digital, there will now be an accurate record of how long each driver was on the road.

One of the most important factors in the trucking industry is time. Picking up and dropping off shipments have one major thing in common: they must be on time. Drivers can be harassed by dispatchers, brokers or shippers to work beyond the regulated hours limit so that time requirements are met. Hours of service rules “prohibit carriers from requiring drivers to drive when their ability or alertness is impaired due to fatigue, illness or other causes that compromise safety,” according to FMCSA. Unfortunately, there are many reported instances of carriers harassing drivers into working longer hours, and changing the paper logs to not reflect the overtime hours. ELDs are taking steps to ensure that this is no longer an issue.

The new ELD rule contains measures to prevent driver harassment. ELDs will be manufactured with a mute function so that the driver cannot be disturbed while they are resting. While the logs can be edited by both the driver and the carrier, all edits of the logs must be approved by the driver, giving them the final say. In addition, ELDs will keep a record of the original log which will eliminate the carrier’s ability to edit the log without leaving an electronic paper trail. This will protect the driver in the event of harassment.

It is also important to remember that not all ELDs are created equal. While many ELDs provide the logging capability, others, such as the My20 app from Konexial, offer much more. To learn more about how My20 can revolutionize your business, visit our website.