AOBRD to ELD Implementation

ELD Implementation: 3 Steps to Switching from AOBRD


Time is running out. ELD implementation is here. Truckers and fleets have less than 2 months until the December 2019 ELD mandate requires all AOBRD users to switch to ELDs (electronic logging devices). Waiting to switch to ELD will cause unnecessary stress on fleet managers, operations managers, and most importantly, the drivers. Here are the 3 things you need to do to implement ELD in your fleet over the next 2 months. 


Evaluate your ELD options

Not all ELD’s are created equally. There are BOYD devices and “dedicated” devices, small devices, and large devices, old technology, and new technology. When it comes to evaluating your next (or first) ELD provider and partner, be sure to do all your research. is a great resource for non-biased ELD reviews that allows you to compare prices, features, and ratings on the top ELD companies. My20 ELD is one of the only ELD’s featured with a 5-star USER rating.  Look for an ELD that does more than just HOS tracking. The My20 Tower is the best option from Konexial for fleets of 2 trucks or more. The My20 Tower provides HOS tracking, fleet GPS tracking, IFTA reporting, DVIR, oilfield and well waiting, full customer support, and more all for an affordable price per truck. Sign up for a personalized, free eld demo for your fleet today. 

Choose your ELD provider

After outlining your ELD needs and researching ELD providers, it is wise to demo different ELD’s to make sure the ELD you choose will meet your business needs. Most ELD providers should offer a free demo of their ELD solutions. Demoing the product is a great opportunity to speak with the ELD provider and learn more about the product and support provided by the ELD provider. Once you’ve demoed the ELD and evaluated pricing and contract terms, you’ll be ready to choose which ELD is best for your fleet. This step is not one that we take lightly. The My20 ELD team focuses on answering questions, customizing plans and features to meet the needs of all our fleet customers. We understand the success of ELD implementation is vital to the success of your business. 

Provide ELD training to your team 

Once you’ve decided on your ELD provider and “pulled the trigger” on implementation, you’ll need to schedule training for your drivers and operation admins. Learning a new software system and implementing new procedures can be intimidating and challenging for some people. ELD implementation does not have to be this way! The team at My20 ELD provides FREE driver set-up and ELD training for fleets, as well as, a full online video resource center of ELD tutorials. 

Don’t delay ELD compliance any longer. As reported in Overdrive Magazine, there is no sign of a soft-enforcement. The ELD mandate and rules are not going anywhere. The sooner you make the switch, the sooner you can streamline your workload and improve your bottom line numbers!