Dock411 + Konexial Work Together to Improve the Trucking Industry


Guest blog by Daniel Serewicz, Co-Founder of Dock411, free app for truck drivers available on Andriod and iOS.

Truck drivers all across North America are traveling at this very moment, not knowing what their stop is going to be like. They are just showing up and figuring it out as they go or calling the shipper to ask questions like:

  • where to pull into the yard
  • what are the procedures
  • where the docks are at
  • how long is the wait
  • parking at or near shipper
  • if they can use the restroom at that facility

Konexial and Dock411 partnership

Dock411 is a free app for truck drivers to use to see these type of details. Drivers look up the address of their next stop in the app to see what they should expect when they arrive. The Dock411 app collects both objective and subjective information from drivers.

For example, drivers can let us know if there are restrooms at that stop but they can also rate the bathrooms on a 1 to 5 rating.

Saving time and money on both sides.

The other half of this whole equation is the shipper. Shippers know exactly what they want drivers to do when they arrive but don’t think to get it out to the carriers they work with. Even if wanted to, they really haven’t had a simple, consistent way of getting the info out to drivers.

Dock411 works with shippers to collect and publish this type of information and get it to the carriers they work with. Shippers notice less calls by drivers asking these types of questions, as well as have a safer and more efficient yard with drivers knowing what to do ahead of time.

Shippers that are taking the time to communicate this through Dock411 are able to show their carrier partners transparency about what drivers are going to encounter and making this effort put them one step closer to becoming a shipper of choice. Bottom line, when a driver is in and out of a facility faster and safer… everyone wins.

Like-minded & wanting to actually help people.

From the first time we met the folks over at Konexial and learned what they were about. We knew it was only time before we would work together to help people. Konexial’s entire mission is to help solve the most obvious problems for truckers, giving them as much info as possible. This matched perfectly with what Dock411 is about so an official partnership started at the beginning of Nov, 2018.

Konexial is working to use the Dock411 platform to integrate facility information directly into the My20 ELD app- free app for truck drivers. Drivers will be able to access facility information and submit reviews right from the Konexial tools. Until then, the free Dock411 app can be found on both Apple and Google App Stores. Visit for more info.

See both Konexial and Dock411 at the upcoming MATS Truck Show in Louisville, March 28-30. Konexial Booth 62140, Dock411 Booth 63161