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Canadian Mandate: Call for ELD Implementation 

In the United States, the out-of-service enforcement date (or final deadline for installing an ELD in your commercial vehicle) is quickly approaching. After April 1, 2018 any driver in America without an electronic logging device to track hours of service will be placed out of commission, but that isn’t necessarily the case for our Canadian neighbors. While Canada has its own ELD mandate on track for implementation by 2020, not all trucking stakeholders are happy with that timeline.

Three major Canadian trucking groups are calling for a quicker implementation of the ELD mandate in Canada. Teamsters Canada, the Private Motor Truck of Canada, and the Canadian Trucking Alliance represent the majority of truckers’ interests across the country and are pressuring the Canadian government to move quickly on ELDs. The stakeholders are calling for the government to commit to publishing a final rule by June 2018, which would see actual ELD enforcement by December 2019. The three groups believe the safety benefits of ELDs are too great to put on hold and issued the following public statement:

“The majority of carriers and drivers have and will always put safety first. However, ELDs will end the supply chain encouraging and turning a blind eye to companies and drivers breaking hours of service rules to meet shipment needs by falsifying paper log books. By forcing all companies and drivers to obey federal hours of service rules we are making Canada’s roads safer. As a result of ELDs, drivers and carriers will be more compliant with HOS regulations, contributing to reduced collisions and other negative activity associated with distracted driving. We are encouraging all levels of government to expedite this regulation through their legislative process by making it a top priority.”

One of the greatest safety benefits of e-logs is the prevention of driver harassment. ELDs hold drivers and carriers responsible for ensuring safe hours and cut down on drivers on the road over their HOS limit. Not to mention, many ELDs come equipped with a wide range of features designed to make your drive simpler than ever.

My20 ELD From Konexial

With My20 ELD, drivers can rest easy knowing they are in full compliance with the United States’ ELD mandate, while having access to powerful tools that streamline every aspect of their drive. From dynamic load matching to real-time fuel information, My20 ELD saves you money while helping you make the most out of every mile. If you have questions about the ELD mandate or Konexial’s ELD and telematics technology, contact us to learn more.