5 Best Podcasts for Truckers 

If you haven’t started exploring the world of podcasts, you’re missing out. Podcasts are basically radio shows that you can save to your phone and listen to anywhere – and they cover every topic under the sun. Truck driving podcasts aren’t the only topics available, from news to sports and everything in between, podcasts provide an awesome alternative when you’re tired of your music, sick of the radio, and need something to focus on other than hypotizing open road. Plus, they’re free!

Truck driving is also a widely represented topic in podcasts. Truck driving podcasts are an excellent tool because not only do they keep you up to date and educated on everything in the industry, but you can do it while doing your job. Here are some of our favorites to keep you informed and get you through your next drive.

Ask the Trucker

Ask the Trucker “Live” with Allen Smith has over 230 podcasts to choose from. Shows cover topics like driver health, regulations and important issues facing the industry, careers, and more.

Trucker Dump

Todd McCann produces quality content that’s not only educational, but entertaining as well. He and his wife offer insight into what it’s like to drive solo and on a team, as well as insight into what the life of a trucker is really like.

Trucking Podcast

Created by Buck Ballard and co-hosted by his son Don, Trucking Podcast covers topics related to truck driving, but spends the majority of shows covering topics interesting to truckers and guys in general.

The Rolling Toe

Hosted by father and son Mike and Kevin Beckett, The Rolling Toe airs live on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST. Shows cover topics related to the actual trucks themselves like tire wear, alignment, and handling.

Let’s Truck

Kevin Rutherford hosts Let’s Truck, which airs live at 1:00 p.m. EST on Mondays and Tuesdays. Kevin talks about everything trucking, from the business, political, and financial side to general advice for the industry.

All of these podcasts are free and downloadable, which means you can take them anywhere and listen to them anytime. Never miss a beat on anything trucking, get career and business advice on the industry, and stay entertained on your next drive with podcasts.