4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Intimidated by ELDS


Most people are creatures of habit. They would prefer to stick to their usual routine and don’t like straying from what they’re used to. If you are a driver who has been operating on paper logs or AOBRD for years, you can relate to this mindset. Ever since the ELD mandate was first introduced, drivers have been reluctant to trade in their paper logbooks for electronic logging devices. Why change something that’s working – right?

There are less than three months to go before the AOBRD to ELD mandate deadline, and time is running out for fleets and independent drivers to get compliant. Many drivers who are required to comply with the mandate are hesitant because of expense, a technology learning curve, and other concerns. However, we’re not here to scare you into getting compliant – we want to help ease your fears about ELDs to provide a smoother tranisition and implementation process.

1. Operating on paper logs is a hassel- ELDs are easy!

Some drivers are concerned about the technology component of ELD compliance, and rightfully so – if you’ve operating on paper logs for years, you don’t want to switch to some huge tablet that you don’t know your way around. Fortunately, BYOD ELDs – like My20 ELD – operate as an app on your smartphone. Since you already know how to use your smartphone, these types of ELDs are a piece of cake.

Just hook up the hardware to your engine, link it to your My20 ELD app via bluetooth, and start driving – no paperwork or writing required. It’s automatic. (side note: Per FMCSA guidelines, all ELD’s switch into “driving status” automically after the vehicle reaches 5 mph.)

2. ELDs help you increase productivity, resulting in more profit.

Let’s talk about money. ELDs can be expensive, especially the dedicated unit types – which can run you up to $70 per month (not including the pricey hardware implementation costs). This can be a stressful thought for independent drivers. Luckily, BYOD ELDs are an affordable option. The My20 ELD is only $20 per month – the price of a few meals on the road.

Aside from being affordable, ELDs can actually earn you more money by increasing productivity. According to assumptions stated by the FMCSA in its Regulatory Impact Analysis for ELDs, each driver is estimated to save at least ($724) per year by using ELDs, simply by cutting down the amount of paperwork that’s associated with filing and submitting RODS (Record of Duty Status).

3. Your electronic logs actually can be edited – to an extent.

Many drivers believe that the ELD mandate is an invasion of privacy and gives them the feeling of being watched under a microscope. While drivers don’t have the same flexibility to edit their logbook at any time like they did with paper logs, the logs on ELDs aren’t set in stone.

Drivers are able to make very limited edits to their electronic logs to correct mistakes or add missing information. All edits must include an annotation to explain why the edit was made. Limited editing of electronic logs is also allowed for fleet managers and carriers, but drivers ultimately have the final say on whether to accept or reject these edits.

4. ELDs help cut down on driver harassment.

Possibly the number one fear drivers have about the ELD mandate is the fear of being micromanaged; however, what many drivers don’t know is that there are measures in place to keep this from happening.

The trucking industry has an issue with driver harassment, or instances in which carriers will try to persuade drivers to work longer hours and change their paper logs to not reflect overtime hours. The ELD mandate includes measures to prevent this from happening in the future, including giving drivers the opportunity to file complaints when they feel they are being coerced.

Some ELDs are manufactured with a mute function so that the driver cannot be disturbed while they are resting. And, as mentioned earlier, the driver has the final say when the logs are edited by anyone other than the driver him or herself.

ELDs Aren’t as Intimidating as You Might Think

Don’t be reluctant to get compliant with the ELD mandate due to the concerns listed above. ELDs may not be as cumbersome as you think, and once you get used to yours, you might not want to go back to the old way of doing things.

If you have any further questions or concerns about how to transition from operating on paper logs to ELD, or just want to see what the MY20 ELD is all about, contact us by calling us at (865) 888-6920 or emailing us at contact@konexial.com