ELD Violations Affect CSA Scores

Electronic logging devices: ready or not, here they come. The Dec. 18, 2017 deadline has come and gone for ELD compliance, but if you haven’t transitioned yet, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says drivers given a citation for ELD violation for non-compliance with the ELD mandate will not receive points against them when it comes to their Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Score. This comes as an effort made by federal officials to ease the pain and tension surrounding the ELD mandate, and transition from paper logs to electronic logs.

New ELD Mandate Deadlines

At a public hearing in Birmingham, Alabama in November, Jon Dierberg informed attendees that drivers are still required to have ELDs in their vehicles by December 18, 2017. If a driver is caught on the road without an e-log, her or she will be cited for failure to comply with the ELD mandate, but the ELD violation will have no impact on the driver’s Safety Measurement System ranking. Citations will have no bearing on ranking only through April 1, 2018. After April 1, drivers who have failed to install an ELD in their vehicle and transition to e-logs will be placed out of service.

Transition to ELDs Now

While April 1, 2018 seems like a world away, so did December 18, 2017 at one point. Before you know it, the newest ELD mandate deadline will be upon us– only this one is much more decisive. Drivers caught without an electronic logging device on the road after April 1 will be unable to legally drive, which means failure to comply with ELDs will leave a driver unemployed. All of this is completely avoidable, though, by simply transitioning from a paper log to an electronic log right now. Not only will switching to an ELD now save you the time and headache of dealing with a potential citation, it will allow you to rest easy knowing you’ve already completed all aspects of compliance for the ELD mandate.

If you need help transitioning to an electronic logging device, you’re not alone. Konexial has extensive resources designed to make your transition to e-logs as easy and painless as possible:

Our blog is full of news and updates, tips and tricks, and helpful resources to smooth your ELD transition and help you make the most of your trucking career.

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