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Top 4 Tips to Be a Successful Fleet Admin

Being a fleet manager or administrator comes with a specific set of responsibilities. The day to day operations of a trucking company rely heavily on the time and expertise of fleet managers and administrative staff. Our team put together these top 4 tips to being a successful fleet admin.


Partner with Service Oriented Companies 

The first step to running a successful trucking company is investing and partnering with companies that are ready and willing to provide value and solutions to your problems.. From a trustworthy mechanic to a supportive fleet management system, partners that act as an extension of your company are worth the investment. 

Supportive fleet management technology partners are vital to the success of admins and drivers. When evaluating fleet management solutions be sure to consider where the company’s support team is based. North American based customer support is ideal for most fleets. North American customer support teams are often better equipped to troubleshoot issues. 


Invest in Admin Training 

Learning new systems and software can be daunting. However daunting training is, it is imperative to invest in admin training with your fleet management software. A supportive fleet management partnership should include on-boarding and training within the first days as a new customer. If you did not receive an opportunity for admin training, go back to tip #1 and pick a different fleet management partner. 

Admin training for My20 customers includes on-demand training videos as well as personalized training plans depending on the needs of your fleet. A few high level points of training are: 

  • How to Use My20 ELD App – ELD basics
  • Learning My20 Tower Dashboard 
  • Understanding Driver Reports and Daily Logs
  • Quarterly IFTA Reporting 

Invest in Driver Training 

Just as important as admin training, the investment in driving training is also imperative. Again, learning a new system and process can be daunting and painful for drivers. Prior to 2017, many drivers did not know the basic operations of a “smartphone.” With the implementation of ELDs, drivers are now more tech savvy and familiar with smartphone and tablet technology. However, with the massive number of ELD solutions on the market, there is a learning curve when it comes to implementing and switching to a new ELD and fleet management solution. 

To be successful as an admin, your drivers also have to be successful as drivers. This includes learning how to use the ELD systems set in place for their compliance and operational efficiencies. Your ELD provider is required to provide drivers with an ELD manual to be kept in the vehicle. This is a great training tool to have on hand in the cab of the truck. Prioritizing driver training is necessary to the success of your fleet. Zoom team training and on-demand video tutorials are two ways the My20 account management teams work with fleet admins to train drivers. It is also a good idea to schedule driver training refresher courses throughout the year to ensure all drivers have the resources and knowledge of the systems needed to perform their daily compliance tasks. 

Be Organized 

Organization is a key factor in being a successful fleet administrator and ultimately running a successful trucking business. One of the most important compliance aspects is managing drivers logs and unassigned driver records (UDRs). The daily management of UDRs is a task that can quickly become a headache if not organized and handled properly. 

Another important organization tip for fleet administrators is to implement a driver and fleet data storage plan. The fleet management provider is responsible for storing records for a certain amount of time, but after the required storage time, your records will not be accessible. It is important to implement an organized storage plan to download records and reports on a regular basis to prepare for a fleet audit or inspection. 

A successful fleet manager and admin is key to running a successful trucking business. The more organized and efficient your back office can be the more productive and profitable your fleet will be. My20 Fleet Management is ready and willing to be the supportive partner you are looking for. Contact us today to improve your fleet.

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