My20 ELD Supports Commercial Vehicles

With the beginning of February, we are one month closer to the final ELD deadline: April 1, 2018. After April 1st, any commercial truck driver caught driving without an electronic logging device installed to log hours of service will be placed out of commission. Unfortunately, being placed out of commission means you are no longer able to drive legally and you will have points recorded against you on your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score. But what about trucks that don’t work with ELDs?

My20 ELD Works on All Commercial Vehicles

While e-logs are required for any commercial truck, not all trucks are compatible with a lot of ELDs on the market, such as Hino Delivery Trucks. Additionally, some older model vehicles (2005-2007 model years)  might not be supported by certain electronic logging devices. Luckily, My20 ELD from Konexial supports commercial trucks other e-logs don’t. You don’t want to be caught after April 1st without an ELD; “My truck doesn’t work with e-logs” works about as well to get out of a ticket as “My dog ate my homework” did to get out of trouble at school.

Save Money: Shop Konexial Products First

We all know how frustrating shopping online can be. You order something, wait for shipping, only to find it doesn’t work when it arrives. Then in order to get your money back, you have to wait for shipping back and processing into your bank account. While you’ll most likely get your money or store credit back, you’re still looking at weeks of tied up funds. The same can be said for ELD shopping. Don’t risk purchasing an ELD that isn’t compatible with your vehicle — shop with Konexial first and rest easy knowing our line of electronic logging devices support the majority of vehicles on the road. With My20 ELD and My20 Tower, fleets of all sizes and vehicle types will be in compliance with the ELD mandate come April 1st.

My20 ELD and My20 Tower From Konexial

Konexial is dedicated to providing drivers with software that’s not only easy to use but powerful and useful in every aspect of your drive. From dynamic load matching to real-time fuel information, Konexial telematics software will help you get the most out of your drive by saving money and cutting down on empty miles — all while helping you comply with the ELD mandate. Switching to e-logs doesn’t have to be hard and complicated, Konexial makes it easy. Shop our products or contact us today with any questions.