Half of Truckers with Class 3-7 Vehicles are Driving without ELDS 

April 1, 2018 marks the hard deadline for the FMCSA ELD mandate. After April 1st, drivers without ELDs installed in their vehicles will be placed out of service and receive points recorded against them on their CSA score. If left unable to legally drive, you run the risk of losing money, or worse, losing your job.

Truck Classification: Class 3-7 Vehicles

While the majority of people automatically think of semi-trucks and 18-wheelers when they hear truck driving, almost any truck can be used for commercial driving. In the United States, trucks are classified by light, medium, or heavy and classes range from 1 to 8. Class 3 vehicles are considered light vehicles and include trucks like the Ram 3500 and GMC Sierra 3500. Classes 4-6 encompass medium vehicles and include trucks like Ford E-450, GMC 5500, and the International Durastar. Lastly, class 7 vehicles are considered heavy and include trucks like Ford F-750.

Half of Drivers Are Currently Without ELDs

There are currently 32 million drivers operating class 3-7 vehicles commercially; however, 16 million of those drivers are driving with an electronic logging device. That means come April 1st, half of the 32 million drivers will be placed out of service and will be unable to legally drive. Complying with the ELD mandate doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process, though. With Konexial’s My20 ELD, complying with the FMCSA ELD mandate is as easy as downloading the app and connecting it to the ELD hardware via bluetooth.

My20 ELD Keeps You Driving — Legally

Whether you’re driving as an independent truck owner/operator or driving as part of a large fleet, My20 ELD works for drivers across the board. No matter your class of vehicle, My20 supports logging hours of service in vehicles of all sizes. Not to mention, My20 ELD is outfitted with a wide range of dynamic features designed to take any and all guesswork out of your drive. Connect with the GPS app of your choice, locate cheap gas, find loads and freight, earn rewards, and so much more.

Konexial Products Make Your Drive Easier

Complying with the ELD mandate doesn’t have to be hard. The final deadline is quickly approaching, so arming your truck with an electronic logging device is more important now than ever. Konexial’s My20 ELD and My20 Tower are designed to be easy to use and relevant to your needs as a driver. If you have any questions regarding ELD mandate or compliance, contact Konexial today.