The Benefits of A Smaller Fleet 


Having a smaller fleet in the trucking industry can be intimidating. With so many successful large fleets out there, it can make you second guess the idea of having a small trucking business and how to compete with large mega-fleets. As a smaller company, how can you stick out and gain more business?

Building relationships

Relationship building is crucial for a small trucking business. You need clients and other businesses trusting you – and how are you going to do that if you don’t reach out and start a conversation? Being able to talk one-on-one with a client is something that some big truck fleets can’t do, and it gives you the opportunity to create a stronger relationship.


Reliability and transparency

Make sure your company is transparent to the employees and the clients. Let your employees know about what is going on with the company. Letting the employees in on the news of the company shows the employees that they are working with a reliable company. In addition, make sure you keep your clients in-the-know as well. If you have an issue when delivering the product, the client should know when it’s happening. A “heads-up” will show the client that you are responsible and reliable.

Special services

As a smaller truck fleet, you might have the advantage on special services like last minute calls and deliveries on the weekends. It may be extra work, but it will allow you to distinguish your company from bigger fleets. Doing special services can also get your foot in the door for more clients.

When to grow your small trucking business

Before you decide to add more trucks, make sure that your company is ready for that move. With more trucks comes more employees – and more employees means paying more money in salaries. So before jumping into adding more trucks, discuss the expansion to your employees and figure out if your team, and the business itself, is ready. A smaller trucking business can make a profit and even compete with some bigger fleets if you invest in the right trucking technology. However, you need to build your business first. Be sure to think smart about your fleet, be transparent with your clients and employees, and make relationship building a priority. Good luck!