Happy Thanksgiving from Konexial… Here are a few thankful thoughts from our team to you.

“This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for an organization that serves the driver, some of the hardest working professionals across the country. We are often quick to forget the dedication that goes into trucking. I wish that the drivers on the road during the holidays know how appreciative we are for their work. Happy Thanksgiving & Thank YOU truckers!” – Kristin @ Konexial

“I’m thankful for the drivers who bring the things that my family needs to live, eat, and enjoy life.” – Ken @ Konexial

I am thankful for truckers that drive cautiously and courteously!

“In May a speeding, DUI driver was going the wrong way on the interstate I-40 in my lane. To my left was a concrete wall barrier and to my right was a tractor-trailer truck. I and the truck driver both flashed our lights and sounded our horns. The truck driver laid on their horn with no response. The wrong-way driver never wavered and I had no place to go. At the last moment, I turned right into the truck. The truck driver was alert and attentive to the situation and went right as well. By the grace of God, my car and the truck never touched. The truck driver carried on with their route and today this day, I do not know who they are. I wish to say Thank You for saving my life that morning. Thank you to all of the truck drivers who day in and day out are attentive and aware of all of the many road dangers.  This Thanksgiving I have a deeper respect and gratitude for every truck driver. Thank you for all you do!” – Julie @ Konexial

We are thankful for technology that keeps drivers safe on the road.

I’m thankful for our user base. A loyal, hard-working and compassionate subset of America’s drivers who deliver the goods every day. I’m thankful for professional drivers who don’t complain about change but roll up their sleeves to learn new tools and find new ways to make their business better. I’m thankful for the Driver Support Team at Konexial/MY20 who come in early, stay late and illustrate servant leadership on a daily basis. I’m thankful for The Lord for turning this company from a dream to REALITY! – Andy @ Konexial

I’m thankful for truckers who drive all day and night to deliver food for my family to eat on Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for drivers who sacrifice time with their family to keep our country’s economy going strong by transporting goods from coast to coast. They are the unsung heroes that make our family’s celebrations possible. – Tom @ Konexial