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Keep Your Drivers Safe & Your Trucks on the Main Line

Drivewyze services are now available on My20 ELD and Fleet Management Application

An in-cab messaging suite built for every mile

Drivewyze is a leader in connected truck services and their services make it easier for fleets like yours to navigate the complex environment that exists between pick-up and drop-off by providing drivers with simple, relevant communications through their in-cab device.

Drivewyze Services Available for My20 ELD and Fleet Customers

PreClear Weigh Station Bypass


Drivewyze PreClear rewards safe driving with legal bypasses at weigh stations across North America, saving your fleet time and money. Simple and easy to use, it is the only full-service, always-on bypass service that doesn’t require a transponder to run.

With the largest network in North America, PreClear offers almost 3x the bypass opportunities as any other provider, meaning less time slowing down for inspections and more time en route.

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Drivewyze Safety+ -

Drivewyze Safety+


Drivewyze Safety+ prevents risky driving behavior by notifying drivers when they need to pay extra attention, like when approaching known speed violation zones, high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades, and high collision zones. Developed in collaboration with local, state, and national transportation and safety agencies, these notifications are carefully curated to make sure your drivers receive alerts when they really matter.

With Custom Alerts it’s easy to create additional in-cab, location-based notifications unique to your fleet, informing drivers when they are approaching risky areas or locations with specific safety protocols. Monitor behavior and identify coaching opportunities with fleet-wide and vehicle-specific reporting at each zone – whether it’s curated by Drivewyze or custom-made.

Coverage Map Handout with FL AG - North America May 2020

Drivewyze PreClear Pricing

Drivewyze subscription auto-renews on a monthly basis and are price per truck starting at $17.99. Fleets over 25 power units call for pricing.

Fleets with 25 trucks or less, receive a FREE 30-day trial.

 *30-day trial automatically renews after 30-days. To cancel, contact 


Additional Drivewyze Add-Ons

Drivewyze Ontario CAD Bundle $4.99 per truck

Drivewyze Ontario add-on subscription auto-renews on a monthly basis

Drivewyze Safety+ $7.00 per truck

Drivewyze Safety+ subscription auto-renews on a monthly basis

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