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at the pump.


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Fueling with the GoFuel discount program is EASY.

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Sign up and apply for the GoFuel program to start saving on diesel right at the pump. 

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Use your fuel card at any of the eligible 500+ travel stop locations.

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Start saving on diesel fuel with every swipe. Savings average $.20-$.40 per gallon.

What is GoFuel? 

GoFuel is a fuel discount program available to fleets of all sizes. Backed by one of the top fuel stops in the country, GoFuel offers savings at 500+ travel stop locations across the United States.

With the rise in fuel costs, now is a great time to implement a program to increase your savings.

Why GoFuel?

Easy to Find Fuel Stops

GoFuel locations along with real-time daily discounts are available in the My20 App. With truck-specific routing, drivers know exactly where to stop to get the best deals. 

Instant Savings at the Pump

The GoFuel discount program works seamlessly with top industry fuel card providers. Activate GoFuel on your current fuel card provider for instant fuel pump savings. 

Easy Integrated IFTA Reporting

Combined with the My20 Fleet Management solution, IFTA management, calculations, and reporting becomes an easy and FREE task for all fleet owners and admins.

GoFuel Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more information on how the Konexial GoFuel program works? Here are a few frequently asked questions from fuel savers like you.

Who can apply for the GoFuel fuel savings program?

The GoFuel savings program is perfect for fleets of all sizes purchasing diesel fuel on a regular basis. 

Where does GoFuel program work?

The GoFuel savings card can be used at any travel stop that accepts EFS cards. You can receive discounts at over 500 major truck stops across the nation. 

Can you purchase DEF and/or oil with the GoFuel card?

Yes, however, there is no savings on the DEF portion of the purchase.

How do I know how much savings I received if it does not show at the pump?

You can download the My20 ELD app to see daily fuel discounts based on your location. 

Daily diesel discounts viewable on your


My20 ELD Available on Apple App Store
My20 ELD Available on Google Play Store

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