My20 Carrier Spotlight K&J Transport

Carrier Spotlight: K & J Transport 


You may have heard us say this before, but our mission at Konexial can be summed up into two words- DRIVE LIFE. We are committed to creating technology and products that enable drivers to improve their LIVES, on and off the road. Everything we do as a company is focused around the driver. And as we develop and make changes, we look to the experts in the field, YOU, the Drivers. 

Not only does our office have an internal “open door policy” for employees, we also extend this to our customers. Our phones are always on and our door is always open to help drivers with their needs. Our open door policy led us to our customer and now friend, Kevin F. 

Meet Kevin F.

Kevin, honorary “Konexial FTS” (Field Tech Support as he likes to be referred to), is a “hot shot” independent owner operator based in East Tennessee. Kevin, along with several of our other users, provided great feedback that went in to our most recent app update. He says, “If I can give you the best information from me on the road it will make things better for me (and other drivers).”

He first heard about Konexial and My20 through a cold call from our sales intern. Kevin already had a ELD provider contract that he had chosen back in November prior to the mandate enforcement. “I’m computer illiterate but I’m getting better though. It takes me longer to figure things out but I want to be ahead of the curve.”

After months of no support and not being able to get in touch with his original ELD provider, Kevin decided he would come visit the Konexial support team and see what My20 is all about. When deciding to make the switch he said,“The only thing I ask is to be able to get ahold of someone when I need it.” After meeting with the Konexial team and seeing how My20 works, Kevin broke his contract with his original provider and made the switch to My20.

Kevin took advantage of the Konexial TradeUp program, which allows drivers to trade in their old ELD devices for a $50 credit towards the new, more advanced, My20 ELD.

“I’m a whole lot happier with y’all (than his original provider). Every time I’ve had a problem or question, the Konexial team has taken care of me.”

When we asked him what advice he would give to other drivers that have not yet picked an ELD provider, he said “I’d tell them to go with Konexial. The reason being they will work with you. Thats what sold me. They’re good people.”

Has your current ELD provider let you down? Make the switch TODAY to My20 ELD. Our team is committed to serving you, the driver.