Does Your ELD Offer Dynamic Load Matching?

Now that the dust from December’s ELD mandate deadline is beginning to settle, drivers across the country are beginning to evaluate their ELD decision. Many drivers are yet to comply, and the ones who have complied have now had time to evaluate their purchase decision. The ELD marketplace is no different than any other product. Flashy ads and large advertising budgets rarely represent the best product. This realization has left many drivers asking themselves if the big advertising budget really got them the best product. If this statement relates to you, you may be in luck. Many ELD producers don’t require you to be locked into a long-term contract, which allows truckers the opportunity to upgrade to something better.


It’s no longer a secret that Konexial’s My20 ELD offers more to truckers than any other product on the market. The product-offerings-to-price-point ratio is the best in the business, and it really isn’t close. My20 ELD goes beyond basic HOS logging compliance, and actually offers drivers the opportunity to earn more money,

Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) caught wind of the game-changing technology included with Konexial’s My20 ELD, and did a little digging to see what they were really offering. Konexial, the creators of My20, saw the issue of empty miles as an enormous gap in the trucking industry. In order to fill this gap, Konexial created GoLoad, a dynamic load matching engine that sends drivers load opportunities straight to their mobile device.

Speaking with CCJ’s Aaron Huff, Konexial CEO Ken Evans offered his thoughts on GoLoad: “the GoLoad model inverts the brokerage and load board process. Instead of carriers having to search for loads, it sends relevant opportunities to carriers.” Using driver location, hours, and preferred rate, GoLoad provides load opportunities to drivers through the smartphone-based My20 ELD.

“The My20 app is more than an ELD with an integrated load matching tool. It also has turn-by-turn routing, fuel discounts, and instant connectivity with shippers and 3pls for dispatch and communications,” he says. For fleets, “Konexial has a web-based compliance and fleet management platform called My20 Tower.”

While many drivers fear that the new ELD mandate will limit their ability to earn money, Konexial’s My20 ELD actually helps drivers to earn extra money and reduce the loss of money from empty miles while searching for load opportunities.

If you aren’t impressed with your ELD purchase, or if your ELD isn’t helping you earn money, check out My20 ELD and start improving your bottom line.

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