Healthy Eating on the road

Eating Healthy as a Truck Driver


Making good food choices on the road can be tough which makes eating healthy as a truck driver really hard. Fast food is the easiest, quickest, and usually the first thing that comes to mind while looking for food on the road.  Fast food does not have to be the answer! Choosing healthy foods that consist of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and other vitamins and nutrients will help you stay alert and fueled for the long days on the road.

Choose Stops Wisely

Instead of choosing to stop at a fast-food restaurant, find a stop with a grocery store nearby.  Grocery stores offer a wide variety of healthy options. You can find salad kits or salad bar, hot and ready rotisserie chicken, freshly made sushi, bagged veggies, fresh fruit, salsa, and hummus for dipping. Having these options will help you choose food that won’t run you down with unhealthy fats, sodium, and sugar.

Prep & Pack Small Meals

When heading out on the road or at the grocery store stop, consider packing some smaller, healthier options for the day. Eating smaller and more frequent meals will keep you from getting overly full which can cause you to get sleepy. Ultimately, it is also better for your metabolism.  Some small meal options could be portions of almonds, carrots, celery, apples, peanut butter or any nut butter, lean and low sodium deli meats, snack cheeses, and salad kits that you can open, mix together, and eat. 

Eat Protein

The right amount of protein is essential for stabilizing blood sugar. Protein in your diet will prevent energy loss (we know energy is important when driving long hours). It also enhances concentration and mood as well as promoting a lean, healthy lifestyle.

Stay Hydrated

As a general rule, you hear “Drink 8 – 8 oz cups of water a day.”  However, if it is hot or dry or you are busy jumping in and out of the truck at stops, lifting, etc. — please drink more!  In this case, men need about 15-8oz cups of water and women need 11-8 oz cups of water. If you add this to eating healthy, most fruits and veggies will also help keep you hydrated.  Did you know watermelon and spinach are 100 percent water by weight? You can also drink milk, juices, tea, and even coffee in moderation. However, water is ultimately your best bet for the fact that it is calorie-free and most places, free! Just remember, a lot of the time you can satisfy a false hunger with a simple cup of water.

Eating healthy as a truck driver while on the road may seem hard at first, but with a little planning, you will be able to make eating healthy and staying hydrated a lot easier. Prepping foods at home and carrying along a cooler or mapping out grocery stores along the way will allow for healthier choices. Most importantly, have a positive attitude about eating healthy. Small changes in your daily habits will add to the quality of your life, your overall energy, and performance level.