My20 Carrier Spotlight Houston Logistics

Carrier Spotlight: Houston Express Logistics

“I try to be an honest and safe driver,” said Frank Lozano, one of the first My20 ELD customers. “I haul, drive, and strap down loads as if my family is in the car next to me.” 

Frank has has been in trucking for 25 years. Based in Houston, Texas, Frank previously worked as a company driver but is now an owner-operator. He has seen many road miles. Frank’s South Texas loads extend from Laredo along the Mexican border down to Brownsville and back to Houston. He also drives a Central route from Weatherford, Texas over to Lone Star, Texas back to Houston. An average of about 2,100 miles per week. Frank had just started his own trucking company the summer of 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. He saw first hand how the flood and natural circumstances affected his loads and primarily, his pocketbook.


It wasn’t long after forming his own company, that the FMCSA ELD mandate went into full effect. When choosing an ELD provider, Frank did his research. He originally downloaded the One20 app from the Apple App store, but after a few days of playing with the app, decided it wasn’t the right ELD for his business (good move on his part, considering One20 is no longer in business). He found My20 ELD by Konexial on Facebook and decided to call to find out more information.

He was originally drawn to the quarterly subscription service provided by My20 and the options for levels of service. On top of My20 ELD’s service options, Frank learned about GoLoad, Konexial’s dynamic load matching service which provides transparent loads between carrier and shipper. Integrated within the My20 ELD, GoLoad pushes available, relevant loads straight to the carrier’s smartphone. 

After speaking with the My20 support team, Frank realized that My20 ELD was truly passionate about customer service. He was confident that if (and when) he were to run into any issues, the My20 team would take care of him.  Frank’s My20 Tower provides a comprehensive fleet management solution including dispatch to mobile, IFTA reporting, GPS tracking, and GoLoad dynamic load matching software.

“I’ve dealt with several of the team members, and everyone has spoken to me very nicely and treated me like a person and not just a customer. When I would call they would take the time as if i was their only customer.”

Frank’s advice to other truck drivers: “definitely call My20 to get your ELD set up. Customer service is a very very big thing to me. That is what keeps me a repetitive customer. No complaints whatsoever. Give them a call!”