CVSA Safe Driver Week 2021 -

CVSA Safe Driver Week 2021 

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week is set for July 11- 17, 2021, and will specifically focus on speeding events. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2018, killing an average of 25 people per day. And speeding is the number one cited driver-related factor in highway fatal crashes. Here is everything you need to know about Operation Safe Driver Week and how to keep your fleet safe throughout the year. 

CVSA Safe Driver Week 2021: What you need to know

During Operation Safe Driver Week, law enforcement officers will be focused on commercial motor vehicle drivers and possible dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, seat belt use, and other potentially harmful driving behaviors. Law enforcement will be fully focused on these behaviors and will actively issue warnings and citations to drivers caught in dangerous driving situations. 

“Data shows that traffic stops and interactions with law enforcement help reduce problematic driving behaviors,” said Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) President Sgt. John Samis with the Delaware State Police. “By making contact with drivers during Operation Safe Driver Week, law enforcement personnel aim to make our roadways safer by targeting high-risk driving behaviors.”

Tips to Operating a Safer Fleet All Year Around

While the CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week is extremely important to raise awareness against dangerous driving behaviors, fleets should be focused on eliminating dangerous driving behavior on a daily basis throughout the entire year. With the advancement of in-cab technologies, fleets have the ability to monitor, detect, alert, and coach drivers and encourage safe driving practices. 

In-cab technology, such as edge computing ELD telematics units, has the ability to gather information directly related to driver behavior from the vehicle’s ECM port. Monitoring driver behavior through engine diagnostics gives fleets immediate access to driver scorecard reporting based on fleet-specific criteria. The ability to set speed, hard braking, acceleration, and other driver behavior thresholds assist fleet managers in coaching drivers who need extra training, as well as, rewarding drivers for good driving performance.

In Addition to ELD telematics, implementing a robust ai-powered dashcam and video management solution is necessary for improving driver safety and performance on a daily basis. With machine learning technology, fleets can detect, alert, and correct dangerous driving behavior in real-time within the cab before an incident occurs. 

Operation Safe Driver Week is a great opportunity for fleets to refocus on the safety of drivers and passengers. Training and coaching drivers is easy with advancements in ELD telematics and integrated video management solutions. For more information on the CSVA Operation Safe Driver program visit: