A Brief History of Trucking 


Konexial has a rich history within the trucking industry. Not only has our leadership team invested over 100 years in trucking but our founders great great great grandparents owned the only moving company in Jellico, TN back in the early 1900’s. It’s often said trucking roots run deep and we couldn’t agree more!

The history of trucking begins around 1769. Since the inception of “trucking,” the industry has evolved, changed and modified to what it is now. How did it start? How did trucks help numerous wars and help the U.S. economy?

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It’s often quoted, to know where you want to go, you have to know where you’ve come from. The history of trucking is imperative for us to know and plan for where the trucking industry is going to next.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen technology revolutionize the industry. ELDs, AOBRDs, trucker apps, trucker podcasts, travel stop apps, docking apps, maps, and more… the industry and truckers are on technology overload.

So, What’s the Driver’s Solution?

Konexial’s company mission to to help drivers DriveLIFE. Every day our team is working hard to improve driver issues through providing easy-to-use technology, outstanding customer support, and an all encompassing trucker tool. The My20 ELD app provides HOS tracking, GPS location tracking, IFTA reporting, fleet management reporting, commerical mapping, fuel management & discounts, and daily encouragement for drivers.

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