8 Essential Stretches for Truck Drivers



As a professional truck driver, you spend much of your day sitting in the same position. After driving for long periods of time, your body stiffens and your blood flow slows. These effects can even lead to serious medical conditions like blood clots and muscle strains. Luckily, you can avoid those problems by stretching! Take time to stop and do these stretches for truck drivers so you can stay healthier and reduce the possibility of injury. Before you begin stretching, make sure your body is ready. Follow these basic stretching tips, and take all the necessary precautions to ensure you are stretching properly.

Once you are ready (and off the road), you can begin these stretches.


Essential Stretches to Practice

1. Neck Rotation

Reaching over your head, grab the opposite ear and gently pull it towards the shoulder doing the reaching. This should relieve neck tension and upper shoulder tightness. Repeat with your opposite arm.

2. Shoulder Pull

With one arm straight across your chest, use your other arm to pull the first arm towards your chest. This will stretch your shoulder and triceps. Repeat with your opposite arm.

3. Hamstring Square

Facing your truck, press the heels of your hands against the truck, step back, and bend at the waist to form a right angle with your body and legs. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings and your spine.

4. Wrist Bend

Bracing your fingers on the steering wheel, bend your wrists forward and backward—stretching your wrists and bringing life to your forearms. For an even deeper stretch, try lightly bending back each individual finger.

5. Classic Lunge

With toes pointing in the same direction, take a large step forward with one leg. Bend your front leg at the knee and slowly sink your body down until comfortable, making sure not to let the front knee go beyond the front toes. Repeat, slowly, with the other leg or try a walking lunge. For balance, try keeping your hands on your hips.

6. Arm Rotation

Standing beside your truck (facing the front or rear of the truck), place one palm, with fingers pointed up, against the side of your truck. With your arm extended and slightly bent, rotate your body away from the truck. You will feel the stretch in your arms and chest. Repeat with the opposite arm.

7. Chest Pull

Pressing both hands on your upper chest, bring your chin upwards and gently move your head away from your hands. You should feel a stretch in your upper chest and neck.

8. Classic Quad Stretch

Standing on one slightly bent leg, reach behind yourself to grab your raised leg—just above
your ankle—and pull your heel towards the center of your glutes. Hold and repeat with your
opposite leg.

Stretching is very important for the professional truck driver. Practice these easy stretches regularly to stay healthy and reduce injuries. For more information, check out these examples of stretches for truck drivers, along with these examples of stretches for long car rides. Moreover, if you want to practice the best stretching plan for your body and ailments, be sure to contact a doctor or physical therapist.