5 ELD Features Beyond HOS Logging


The majority of truckers have yet to begin using an ELD, are still using AOBRD technology, or are waiting for the final December deadline to get compliant. Ask any trucker not using ELDs about their opinion on them, and you’ll probably get an unfavorable response; however, many drivers that are currently compliant have reported that ELDs are actually not as bad as they thought they were going to be.

In addition to compliance and paperless hours of service (HOS) logging, there are many ELD features and benefits that come with your electronic logging device. Here are five of them:


1. Route Mapping

Many smartphone ELDs feature some sort of route mapping capability – this way, you can keep track of your hours and plan your routes all in one place. For example, the My20 ELD app gives drivers the choice of Waze, Google Maps, or PC Miler so you can be sure to map out the best and most efficient route at no additional cost.

2. Quicker Inspections

A lot of uninformed drivers think that ELDs automatically report HOS violations to law enforcement – but fortunately, this isn’t true. In fact, ELDs actually make roadside inspections go by faster. Instead of having to shuffle through papers to find the right documents, all you need to do is pull up your My20 ELD app on your smartphone to give inspection officials a clear look at your logs.

3. Load Matching

Our patent pending GoLoad service brings real-time load matching opportunities to your device. Drivers can get load opportunities directly from the best shippers, resulting in fewer empty miles, higher margins for truckers, and lower rates for shippers.

4. Fuel Monitoring

Some ELDs can even monitor your fuel automatically, along with sending you notifications and providing the lowest-cost refueling options around your location. And, with My20 Tower, you can get automatic IFTA fuel tax reporting, saving you time every quarter.

5. Rewards

Driver rewards are more than just free swag every now and then. With the My20 ELD you have access to exclusive fuel discounts and rewards with the GoFuel discount program. Also, drivers can earn GoLoad reward miles for every load delivered.

Benefits Beyond Compliance

The ELD mandate was originally introduced to improve trucker safety by ensuring that they are adhering to HOS regulations – but today, ELDs are offering more than just automatic electronic logging. There are many additional ELD features and benefits that are beneficial to fleets and individual drivers, and these are just a few of them.

To read more about what the My20 ELD app offers beyond compliance, check out our My20 ELD page.