With the December 2017 ELD mandate deadline approaching, more and more drivers are making the move from paper to electronic logs. While it may seem like a hassle at first, many drivers quickly discover the benefits of the new logging system. From cutting down on paperwork, to speeding up the inspection process, there are several advantages to going electronic. Here are four of them:

No more paperwork.

Drivers don’t choose life on the road because they love to complete paperwork, and constantly having to manually log hours is time-consuming. In fact, the FMCSA estimates that drivers spend 20 hours a year filling out paper HOS logs. ELDs eliminate time filling out paperwork, allowing drivers to be more productive and focus more on what they love to do. With a few taps on your smartphone, you’re ready to get rolling and your hours are logged automatically.

More routing and mapping options.

The navigation solutions ELDs offer can help optimize fuel and increase efficiency. Our My20 ELD app gives drivers the choice of Waze, Google Maps, or PC Miler so you can be sure to map out the best and most efficient route.

Speedier inspections.

A common myth many drivers believe is that ELDs automatically report HOS violations to law enforcement. The truth is, nothing is transmitted to law enforcement unless there is a reason behind it, such as a compliance audit or a roadside inspection. In fact, one of the benefits to switching to an ELD is faster roadside inspections. Instead of having to shuffle through papers, inspection officials can get a clearer look at your logs, allowing you to get back on the road faster.

Increased driver safety.

One of the biggest reasons behind the creation of the ELD Mandate was driver safety. A significant issue in the trucking industry is drowsy driving – and ELDs help cut down on that by notifying you when you should take a break or go to sleep, keeping drivers more awake and alert at the wheel. For more information on how ELDs improve driver safety, read our blog post all about it.

Some drivers may be reluctant to make the switch from paper logs to the electronic system because it’s new and different. However, there are significant benefits to using ELDs that simple paper logs just can’t offer. Interested in learning about more of them? Reach out to us to hear about the advantages of ELDs in general as well as the special features of the My20 app!