3 ways to stay active on the road

3 Ways to Stay Active on the Road


We know what you’re thinking, “active lifestyle while on the road all day? Not possible.” But truckers aren’t the only ones who struggle with maintaining a healthy physical activity level. In reality, about 1 in 5 (21%) of American adults meet the CDC recommended physical activity guidelines. We can do better! Experts have proven people who are physically active tend to live longer and receive a magnitude of health benefits. While we know it may not be easy, we encourage you to try these 3 things ways to stay active on the road.

3 Tips to Stay Active on the Road

Utilize Your 30 Minute Break: You know that 30 minute break that seems like a hassle and is now required per HOS regulations? 30 minutes is the perfect time to get up, stretch, and get moving! Think about this: the normal length of an 18-wheeler is 70-80 ft long. The average football field is 100 yards (or 360 feet), so if you walk around your truck 4 times, you’ll have walked the total length of a football field. Now walk around your truck 18 times and you’ve walked a mile! (Whoa, mind-blown. That was a lot of math.)

Join a Fitness Center: You may be thinking, why would I join a fitness center when I’m on the road every day? Well, we know drivers are required to take an 10 hour break to be compliant with recent HOS regulations. Most people don’t sleep a full 10 hours a night (that sure would be nice, right?). But what if you were able to spend an hour of that break in the gym? Several national fitness centers, such as Planet Fitness Center, offer memberships to be able to visit any of their 1,500 Planet Fitness locations in the United States. The Planet Fitness “PF Black Card” membership is only $21.99 per month which includes a full list of amenities- think hydromassage and massage chairs. Now that sounds relaxing! 

Stay Hydrated: Good hydration is the key to overall good health. It is especially important in careers that require sitting for long hours. Drinking water will not only make you feel better but can decrease your risk of swelling and developing blood clots while sitting for extended periods of time. Most health professionals recommend drinking half your weight in ounces of water per day (example: you weigh 100 pounds, aim to drink 50 ounces of water to stay properly hydrated).

While it may not be easy, the overall health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle far outweigh the inconveniences.

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